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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by randy1962, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. randy1962

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    I have a 8 Dyna Wide Glide and have it the the Harley shop and 2 different Mechanics to stop a drip in the Transmission output seal. and just got it back 2 days ago went out and there is a puddle under the bike in the same spot as before. any ideas
  2. fin_676

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    Mainshaft seal where it goes through the main drive
    You will need to pull the inner primary pull the bearing inner race from the mainshaft and the seal is behind that bearing inner race
    However it could also be the main drive seal oil will collect on the front pulley
    when you pull the inner primary if there is a puddle of oil visible on the primary side of the pulley then the mainshft seal is the most likely problem if there is a puddle of oil on the gearbox side of the pulley then the main drive seal spacer and quad seal is the likely problem

  3. dolt

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    That is why I replace all the seals that could leak trans fluid; parts are cheap and it is not a job I want to repeat. I would pull it apart again and replace the main drive gear seal, main shaft/fifth gear seal, quad seal and spacer and shift shaft seal.:s
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    On my bike, there was a tranny vent tube that exhausted between the left side of the tranny and the inner primary. This would spray a fine mist of tranny fluid that would get on the side of the tranny and the inside of the inner primary. I chased that "oil leak" for a few month changing out seals and gaskets until I realized what the problem was. Got a two foot section of hose and rerouted the vent line up over the top of the tranny (to just under the seat level) and down to the right side where the fuel overflow line exits the underside of the frame.

    Voila!! "Oil Leak" solved.


  5. tourbox

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    I agree with Dolt on the above. Look very closely at the spacer that goes into the large main seal. It can get groves cut in it from the inside lip of the large seal. You will see where it rides on the seal, if you can catch a finger nail in that area replace it, or just replace for gen. repair, it's only about $5.00. Maybe a different shop also.