Trans fluid leak at primary

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    This may sound crazy but I changed out my clutch cable on my 89 Heritage and now there is a leak at the inside of the primary . Is there an o ring on clutch rod ,I cant figure how fluid is leaking after pully and not out of trans seal?:eam

    I been reading some threads guys are talking about a vent tube,I'll check,Any other ideas please advise
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    what type of oil is leeking near clear is transmission mid brown primary
    dark brown/black engine oil usually
    knowing what type of oil is leeking does help a little with diagnosis

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    It's red bel ray trans fluid.I checked the vent tube and it is clean .

    I can see past the pully that the trans seal is dry. Checked all fluid levels and they are fine.Maybe shes (EDITED) from sitting all winter.
    Took her out today before (EDITED) wheather ran great ,

    but like a bad dog ,she :small3d006:(EDITED) on the rug

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