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    Can anyone recommend a good trailer wiring kit for my Street glide? I have a MC hitch kit on it now and its a (edit). I love the hitch but the wiring kit is garbage, the first one burned up and caused a bunch of blown fuses and error codes and they replaced it. I got the new one a few months back and went to hook up the trailer last night and as soon as I plugged it in the brake lights came on. All while the bike was not running. Rather than keep replacing junk parts with equally junk parts I would rather just try another brand. Looking for something that is plug and play.
    Thanks in advance

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    if you are blowing fuses on the m\c you need an isolater don't let anyone tell you different
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    J&P cycles has a a quik cnnect adapter for $41.99 also you can check kuryakyn a little more money.