Traffic Light Activation?

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lqdesertrider, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. lqdesertrider

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    Anyone use any of the aftermarket products?

    Any of them work?

  2. softailhog

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    I have never used one of the devices. I don't know if they work or not.

    Here in Missouri they passed a law to allow motrocycles and bicycles to run a red light legally if the light doesn't change in a reasonable amount of time....they just didn't specify what that amount of time is! There are several lights near my house that don't recognize a motorcycle and I have run them on occasion (don't tell the cops!) but now I can do it legally.

    Bikes, Motorcycles Get Go Ahead To Run Red Lights - WDAF
  3. Gezzer Glide

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    Here in Calif. the law allows us to do the same thing "California Vehicle Code, Section 218000(d)(1)
  4. ccraig

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    I just did a search on this and couldn't find it. Could you paste the wordage here? Thanks, Craig
  5. HD4ME!

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    Probably just another scam, I wouldn't think they would work.

    I am in Houston Texas and the traffic control people here told me that if you center your bike on the corners the sensors will pick you up. I do this but cant say for sure if it works. I normally pull way up and let a car scoot up behind me if I am first in line.

    I have been know to run a light or 2 though. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. :s
  6. 08roadglider

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    I dont know if they work, but I can tell you in PA they are makling street sensors that will "see" motorcycles. All new sensoors being installed have this technology, and as maintenance and age goes to the old ones, they will be replaced with these new ones. i will try to find the article i read about them, but god knows if I will be able to find it. So, as time marches on, the aftermarket "triggers" will be obsolete.
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    when I took the rider safety course here in Va. I was given a book from the state DMV that said to stop in the center of the lane and if the light didn't change in a reasonable amount of time to rev up the motor. I have done this and am not sure if it works, but have been at a stoplight for quite a while and shortly after I reved the throttle the light changed.
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    I have had to run a lot of lights here in Washington state because of not tripping the left turn lane light. It is very irritating to sit at a light trying to make a turn after watching the light change 3 or 4 times. Many time people in cars behind you will not pull up even after waving them to not understanding that bikes don't always trip lights. It is not legal here as far as I know to run the light no matter how many times you wait, but I'll take my chances in court after waiting as long as 5 or more mins for it to change.
  10. Porter

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    I'm in Maryland. Between the red light cameras, speed cameras, D.O.T. cameras, police at intersections trying to ticket non-seat belt wearing drivers and whatever else this communist state can think of.....I'll just sit there!:s