Towing nightmare

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    My Range Rover has some dirt in the fuel and wouldn't run,so I called the father in law for a tow to the garage.Were I live in England theres lots of roundabouts,so its stop start all the time.We get the tow rope attached and off we go,obviously the brakes aren't great with the engine not running so i'm being very careful when stopping.My father in law is towing me way to fast,so I try to signal to him to slow down,no joy,so I blow the horn and do the slow down sign with my arm out the window,no joy,so now i'm leaning out the window,blowing my horn,waving my hands and shouting slow down.Eventually we stop at a roundabout with me still shouting "slow down".The father in law has now got the hump and gets out the car saying "who you shouting at bla bla bla" I said your driving too fast and you wouldn't slow down,I couldn't hear you,I said I know thats why i'm shouting at you to slow down,with this he walks off,leaving me with two cars in the middle of a roundabout.Then after about twenty minutes I managed to get the father in law back in the car to finish the towing job,but at a nice slow pace.I had visions of a multiple pile up.
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    Re: Towing hell

    That's hilarious, but only because I can relate:rofl
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    I hate round abouts.. i worry about a pile up just driving though them
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    When I visited my sister last summer in Colorado, there were roundabouts everywhere. Apparently the state of CO thinks they are safer than a normal intersection. I reserve judgement until there have been enough accidents to do a statistical analysis. :D
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    Got to love those in-laws. :D
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    Are you still on good terms w/the father-in-law? I had a similar incident, but it was when my dad was trying to start one of our old John Deere tractors. He hooked me up to the pick-up & sped away telling me to push the clutch-lever forward when we got going. I pushed, tractor jumped, chain broke & last thing was the sound of me ramming the pick-up bumper. At least it was a good-ol 74 Chevy 3/4T 4WD so it didn't even leave a mark, but my dad pretty much taught me every 4-letter word in his dictionary.
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    They now have a couple of them in Wickenburg,AZ..CRAZY PEOPLE!!!! I'll take an intersection anytime....JMO