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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ultra pearl, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. ultra pearl

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    Thinking of switching my bars on my 08 ultra to the pullback touring bars.
    How much would this cost at a dealer?
    I would like to save the labor and do it myself, but it seems like a big job.
    I have the shop manual and have read the how to's on here, but still seems like you can run into a lot of trouble.
    Do you need extra cables for the clutch and throttle?
  2. pigfixer

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    If there is much difference in the bar's you'll need to change you clutch cable and front brake line, an 08 should be FBW and those wire's are usually long enough for a moderate change.

  3. brownfoxx1

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    just had the h-d dealer ticker tape the list of parts for the 2" ext. bars for a '09 t/g. about $850 in parts. the above posts involved also. ie estended clutch cable etc. you also have a choice wireing, that goes inside or outside the handle bars. just info.
  4. cavs1429

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    i installed the krome werks sweepers on my 09 ultra there about 2" higher and two inches back. i didnt have to change nothing clutch cable needed to be rerouted in the fairing thats all
  5. R_W_B

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    As to whether you have to buy longer cables depends on how much added height and pullback you are doing over the OEM. Find out the ht & pullback on both the OEM and the desired bars and compare. These charts can usually be found on the web and you dealer should have them too.

    If you have to buy longer stuff, you can get easy wiring extensions from Namz. They come with matching male and female pin sockets to match you bikes OEM pins. You simply plug in the pins and slip over the supplied heat shrinks on each wire. The pins work great because they are not as bulky as crimps and less trouble than soldering.
    Here's the link,

    There are several places that will make you up custom cable and brakeline lengths. This is one.
    Magnum Shielding - Custom Harley Davidson Cables and Braided Brake Lines

    There's a 2 part video of when I did my handlebar switch on this forum somewhere but I forgot where. If you have trouble finding it let me know and I will just go to YouTube and grab the link for you. But it shows just about everything you are gonna run into with it. I have another video also on the tank removal which is also gonna have to be done to access the frame wires conveniently.

    Check around with Wild1s and some other bar makes. I personally would not pay $8xx bucks for new bars and parts. My total job doing it myself came to bout $225 and most of that was the bars themselves.


    Is you bike one of those newer ones that has the risers built into the top tree ? If so then you are up against a different set of circumstances and will have to spend more money but you still should be able to get by for much less than $800.

    There are a couple of options to this problem also if that is your scenario let me know and I will search down some of those links.

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  6. revok1200

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    I know it is two different bikes (mine an 06RG) but I was able to put 10" apes on which gave me the added comfort by just dropping them back a little, and I didn't have to change any of my cables.

    I did the whole swap in my garage in just a couple hours.
  7. hotrodjohn

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    I installed the pullback bars on my 11 ultra. Nothing needed, I repeat just buy the bars. Take the clutch cable out of the metal guide it goes thru and zip tie it to the bottom of the guide. works perfect. Now for the bars, jury is still out on them. I might make my own bars they are a little to far back for me.