Touring Front End on an Evo Softail

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by friscofrankie, Oct 20, 2009.

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    Ther was a time. you could bolt a set of lower legs from a "wide glide" on any otehr Bike with a wide glide. I;ve been out of the loop, not sure what fits what. Can I pull the lower legs off a Twin cam touring model and slide them on an Evo Softail FE?

    I am assuming I can but Might be a good diea to see what anyone else might have experienced.
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    Frisco; I'm probably just gonna muddy the waters with this reply but...
    You will have to be careful matching parts. There were/are several different tube diameters thru the years, as well as air assisted, cartridge type (1side), etc. There are differences that I can't tell you to be aware of.
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    also the TC's went with a 1" axle then again a year or 2 ago with a 25mm axle, not sure all the touring TC's went 1" right from the start or not, but you'd have to check that end of the sliders too.
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    I not sure about the evo softails but the present softail I know you can bolt anything in the softail family front end on any other softail in that family say like custome to fat boy heriatge to night train etc but to go touring to softail frame I can not say for sure I did see a touring on a dayna but it required some machining of the neck on the triple tree to do it!

    hope this helps out some I am sure thee are others on here that will know more than me on this!

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