Touring Backrest wiggles

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by skcm2006, Aug 3, 2010.

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    I have a detatchable passenter backrest and it had the triangle holder on so I thought I would bling up the bike by buying the $45 backrest : "

    Styled Backrest Mounting Plate
    This custom Backrest Mounting Plate replaces the stamped metal mount for a distinctive look. The mirror-finished bracket, chrome-plated mounting hardware and Vivid Black insert contrasts with a leather or vinyl backrest pad to dress your Touring bike in style. 52825-05 Fits Touring models equipped with Detachable Sissy Bar Upright P/Ns 52805-97B, 52935-04, 52933-97B, 52935-04, 52723-06, 52610-09, 52627-09 or 52935-04. MSRP US $45.95

    The question I have is that there is a little wiggle on the backrest pad that wasn't there before - is this common? Any suggestions n how to get rid of the wiggle?


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    Are you able to use different length bolts to draw up more tightly and can you move up trim for better contact on bar. I would think that the movement over time will wear or tear backrest pad.