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    I have a pair of high intensity auxiliary (passing) lights that came off of my 2000 Road King Classic. They have one wire that plugs into power. I bought a 2009 FLHTC. The dealer told me the lights from the Road King would work on the FLHTC. The size is fine, but the Road King auxiliary lights have one wire to connect. The FLHTC has a connector that uses 2 wires. Is there such a thing as an adapter so I can use the 1 wire bulbs? Any other solutions?

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    Here are excerpts from the Self Help section regarding Fog Lights, notice single wire, the other likely is a ground (base metallic shell) connection. Check your OEM light socket/wiring diagram then verify the connections of your Road King single wire socket to check which is which.


    Here is passing light wiring alternative to link with high beams
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    Going to give that a try Thanks
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    Thanks a lot for your help. I appreciate it very much. My problem was more about connections to my old set of aux lights. The old lights had one white wire coming out of the bulb. The new bulbs on my 09 FLHTC had a dual wire connector on them. I went to my local Harley dealer and the service writers collaborated and told me that there was no way to modify the old lights for the new bike. Then I went to the parts dept. and bought new lights. Lo and behold, the new ones I bought were identical to my old ones, to include the numbers on the bulbs. Included was a small conversion kit consisting of nothing but some wire and connectors along with simple instructions. The bulbs have negative terminals hidden under the rubber on the bulbs.
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    It's a pain the way the new bulbs have the wiring soldered to the bulb itself. I want to do the same but I haven't found a satisfactory solution yet.