Tour Pak Latches and the rivets

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by kdultra, Mar 19, 2015.

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    Hi All
    I replaced my tour pak hinges and latches with black ones...
    The latch part on the lid is giving me fits so I thought I's reach out for some thoughts.
    The latch part comes with press fit type rivets and no tool.
    I went to my local craft stores, Lowes, local cobbler etc to borrow the little hand tool and although they have something it's not the right size to be able to correctly.
    The service manual lists an HD tool (HD-39787A pg 2-86). My dealer won't loan it to me for obvious reasons. I really don't want to buy a tool for 4 rivets and using a punch and hammer is not an option I'm comfortable with seeing as the lid isn't a solid surface. I bought screws that will work but the nut interferes with the Latching and the gasket so I'm not going that route.
    At this point its looking like I may have to pay the dealer for an hours labor for something I can easily do myself. GRRRRRRR
    Any suggestions for securing the latch to the lid that isn't rednecky?

    Thanks in advance for your input.... Ken
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    Not sure but would a pop rivet gun work? Hand drilling the old ones should not be a problem.
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    I did look at pop rivets and they are too big and there's too much material left over that will interfere with the lid gasket.
    thank you for the suggestion.....
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    I just looked at my latches and the HD rivet tool. I would fab up a tool using a "C" clamp, and my very smallest 1/4" sockets. Two things come to mind, the gasket has to come off in that area, and you should have extra hands. That's the best I can think of right now.
  5. Breeze3at

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    I just remembered that I put the custom chrome hinges on my tour pak, and they mount using screws and nuts under the weather strip. I think they are #8 32 or #6-32. Look at this link for many latches that use screws & nuts.
    harley tour pak latches | eBay
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    thank you everyone.... lots of good info... time to digest it....
    The "C" clamp idea I like.
    I sure don't want to use a hammer for fear of cracking the lid.
    Simple pressure using a "C" clamp is a good solution...

    HOG meeting tonite so I'm going to talk to the dealer again about just borrowing their tool for a few minutes in the parking lot.
    If they agree I can do the prep at home and blue tape the lid shut and go to the dealer borrow their tool and viloa!! all done!!

    Thanks again..
    This site is a great resource...
    All Y'all are awesome....