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    Hi all. I'm buying some bits and pieces to expand my tool selection. I've been advised not to buy the HD Snap On kit as it is a bit pricey (although I'm tempted if it's comprehensive and most of what I need in one purchase). I have a good set of hex keys already and a 3/8" socket set with the most frequently used sizes in inches.
    What I'd really like some advice on is what to buy in the Torx range - what torx bits are used on Sportsters? Now I saw recently in a thread where a member referred to Torx plus bits to avoid stripping out bolts/fasteners and that threw me a bit - I hadn't come across Torx Plus up to now. I have a set of torx bits up to size 40 including the famous 27 from a set for an electric screwdriver. I saw a thread Glider posted where he epoxied some torx bits into some spare 3/8 and 1/2(I think) sockets which he had and I thought I could do the same.

    Any advice would be welcome. Thanks. :D
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    Try Out Walmart, I got a Pretty Nice Set for a very nice Price when I was adding the Chrome Upper Belt Guard For My Sportster. The More Sizes the Better since the Sportster has a viriety of different size Torx screws
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    Thanks Newbie. There isn't a Walmart here in the UK so I guess what I'm looking for is like a list of the sizes for Torx which I would need for the Sporty.
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    Well, well:) I thought they were German like Lidl.

    Thanks guys.
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    I got a lot of my 3/8 square drive bits from gibbs tool mart in aberdeen a specialist tool shop been buying from them off and on since the 1977 and almost always have anything i need often as individuals or as kits have a look in yellow pages for tool spcialists in your area or go into a car parts place and ask advice on where is best place to get tools best thing to ask for is
    3/8 square drive imperial allen/hex key set if you find a place that has that in stock should have almost any other tools you need
    have a look here i just walk in and look round when i need something
    Gibb Tools

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    There is a difference between torx and torx plus.While a standard torx bit..say a T47 will fit in bolt head requiring a T47 torx plus.The chances of doing damage greatly increase.The sizes between torx and torx plus are the same, its the fit that changes.Looking at my Streetglide I can identify more than half of all torx bolts are actualy torx plus.Standard torx bolts have distinct points while torx plus look the same you will see how the points are actualy squared off.

    TORX PLUS® Drive

    - For higher torque transmission

    - Virtually eliminates cam-out

    Heres a good picture of what a torx plus looks like, the standard torx plus off to the right.

    TORX PLUS Tamper-Resistant Drive System - Offers restricted access in the field - Camcar Screws

    - Reduces tool slippage
    & Screw damage

    - extends tool life

    - Reduces user fatigue
    Straight, vertical sidewalls
    virtually eliminate cam-out
    Lower end load required to keep
    driver engaged in recess

    Completely encloses driver bit, reducing tool slippage
    Maximizes engagement between driver and fastener
    True 0┬░ drive angle

    Spreads driving forces
    over larger area. Ensures optimal torque transmission
    with reduced clamp load

    Snap on is the best.I have seen some good deals on Gearwrench torx sets {warrantied for life}.
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    I do agree here snap on (or blue point) are the best!
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    Be careful with Blue Point, many of these products are not lifetime gaurenteed.
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    MAC tools, Sears/Kmart carry Craftsman are usually good. Also Gliders' advice about squaring up the front for deeper torx/hex fastener engagement is sound. Also, inspect your tool before using, these tools should be so hard the tip snaps off before bending or twisting if they are tempered properly. Those bits that come with an hand impact tool are an example of properly hardened tips. Some cheap ones are just flat black painted metal and are pret-t-y bad.