Torqure wrench size

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    I am looking to get a torque wrench for use on my bike, and was wondering which size would better serve me. In browsing through the specs chart of my service manual I see most things that I might be doing in the future are in in/lbs. So, that is a given as to what type of torque wrench to get but what would I find better to use a 3/8" or a 1/4" socket size. Or is it really up to what kind of adapters I have for my torx bits and such?

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    I would go for 3/8 and thn fit an adaptor to 1/4 where needed. But that's just my own opinion.
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    I wrentch every one or two years on my bike or car.
    and have all 3 SnapOn torque wrentches.

    They are fantastic . One click and you know its right except for the 1/2 inch one which is a dial indicator up to 150ft lb.

    I personnally dont like the adapters that are available as there are to many charts and calculations to make to apply the correct torque. I just want to torque and go.

    I not pushing Craftman but they have torque wrentchs that are fairley cheap and accurate.

    They work well for the average mechanic.