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    I'm getting ready to open the primary to perform some maintance. I found a kolbalt set of standard and a set of metric socket drive Allens at $10 each at Lowes. The quality seems as good as my Craftsman tools so I took a chance on the China made tools.
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    I have found in the past that low cost tools often fail at some point so I try to stay with brands that I know work well
    I have however bought tools from a tool specialist that were brand names that I was not aware of and have served me well for many years
    I managed to save some of my fathers tools after his death some 30 years ago and still use them regularly he bought good quality tools
    Having good quality tools may prevent you causing costly damage from a failed tool
    The tools you have just bought may in the future prove to be a good buy but only time and use of the tools will give the answer

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    Kobalt at one time was part of Snap On of Canada, just because they have been out sourced does not make them bad IMO, Craftsman did the same thing with impact k, they all still have warranty:s

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    I remember a Big Traffic Jam (me included) trying to get to a Bent and Damaged 12 inch adjustable wrench, ran over many times,,,, Laying in the middle of a Busy intersection.

    It was RUSHED on from all 4 corners and the winner was a big gal who got there first...:newsmile080: No One argued with her...

    Holding it up and SMILED Yelling to all the late comers "IT's A CRAFTSMAN"....:s

    She knew just taking it to any Sears store and a new replacement would be given...

    Now that is a WARRANTY.

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    That's a great story Bubbie!

    I bought a Craftsman ratcheting tap wrench from a former co-worker some years ago. It was damaged and not working so the price was ridiculously cheap. Even though Craftman didn't make it any more, some how, I was sent a replacement...No Charge but for shipping, (I think).

    Now that is a WARRANTY.