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    just got an 08 hertiage softail classic.
    no fractory tool kit.
    can someone tell me what is included in one so i can put one together.
    really dont want to buy one from the stealer at over 100 bucks.
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    Khelwll; There's good info in the links TripleJ posted. My tool kit takes up 1/2 of a saddlebag, first aid kit the other 1/2, but that's me. Decide how much you are capable of fixing on the side of the road, and plan the kit accordingly. You can save space by wrapping tape and wire around a screwdriver shaft. There's also places to stash items. I have signal/stop bulbs in 35mm film canisters (or Rx containers) under the seat. A spare key is hidden on the bike, and the procedure for starting without the fob is in my wallet.
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    I only have experience owning a 2008 Harley so I am not seasoned to the older models and some of the problems they had. I got to tell you, it has been very reliable steed. In the last 20 years I only had road side problem twice requiring a tow. On a Metric bike to boot. The repairs needed could not have been done on the side of the road.
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    Capable of a complete tear down and assembly.
    Just looking for the componets of the tool kit that came with it so I could put one together, since the salesman backed out after he found out the cost of a replacment. Kind of (EDIT) since he said he would get me one.
    guess this is the last bike I buy from that stealer.

    Please read this...
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    ALWAYS get what is promised at the time of sale in writing!

    Sales people will tell you anything to make the sale and rarely deliver after the fact what they promised.
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    dbmg has a great point here. I will add that I have used my kit for other people that were stranded or lent them something more than I have ever needed it for myself. Pretty satisfying to get someone one their way again from the side of the road. One day I'm sure it will pay dividends.

    Tool kit - Harley Davidson Community

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    I would like to add that I also use my kit for that more than anything, 4 times last year I helped someone get their bike mobile again, and this year only once did I have the opportunity to assist a fellow rider.

    To me being able to help another that is in need makes my day...

    Regards, Bill
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    Since we ride the same year, make and model I thought maybe this would help. With the kit I have put together, aside from pulling the wheel for a flat or tearing into the engine, these are the items in my kit I feel would be sufficient getting me through issues that may arise during a ride whether it be crosstown or cross-country.

    This kit rolls up and fits nicely in the right saddle bag. The bag came from Duluth Trading but checking their website it looks like the bag has been replaced with another slightly more expensive one.

    DTPro Tool Roll - Duluth Trading Company

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    Wow. Neat and orginized...........I like it.