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    My bike is due for a new rear tire. What brand is the best combination of quality and economy?
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    What brand is on bike now? How many miles did you get out of it? Do you ride hard or easy?
    If you got decent mileage out the current tire, and you like handling, stay with it.
    Softer tires=less mileage/better grip
    Harder tires=more mileage/less grip
    Kinda like oil........everybody is right about "their" choice.
    Ask some riders of same bike as yours if they upgraded or put on different brand. What did they like/dislike.

  3. TQuentin1

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    You will not get an answer to this question, only opinions. Do some research. There are not that many name brand manufacturers of motorcycle tires, and fewer that make the size and specs that you need for your motorcycle. So read all the info each manufacturer has about their offerings on their website. Then research on-line for any verifiable quality or safety issues. Then make an informed decision.

    But one thing that can be said right off the bat. If you are only replacing the rear tire, match what is on the front in terms of manufacturer, brand and style.

  4. Porter

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    +1 on the two previous posts. Perfect advice.
    Also, as far as "economy" goes in your original question: As riders, tires are the only thing that keep the "shiney side up", so in this regard I personally am not looking for cost as the primary reason to purchase a tire (or two).
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    It is always best to have the same type of tire front and rear for best performance. Remember, replacing 2 rear tires to 1 front tire is usually the longevity for O.E. tires.
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    I switched to Metzeler ME880s last year. They handle nice, haven't noticed the wash-out in corners like I was warned about, and they really hold a line in rain-grooves. But they are techy. You need to do some studying about air pressure not just go with what the manual says for the OEM Dunlops.

    But I've been told that Dunlop makes a cop tire that is run-flat. Sidewals are so hard that you can limp the bike in on a flat if needed. But I don't know which one it is...

    The biggy is if you change makes, change both!
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    Bought my 2009 Ultra Classic new and at 2300 miles had a high speed [80mph] blowout, now Dunlop did replace the tire and even paid for mounting it but to be real truthful that blowout scared the (EDIT) out of me, thank god I was on a straight stretch of smooth road with very little traffic. This week I was at Ray Price HD to get some performance work done and the service manager informed me that there was a recall on the oem Dunlop front tire and they would replace it at no cost to me. However, this is after I have put 8300 hundred miles on this tire which is now determined to be unsafe. This is causing me to worry regarding Dunlop motorcycle tires. Wondering if anyone else has run into similar problems with tires,especially Dunlop tires?

    Please read this...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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  8. TQuentin1

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    Check here:

    Metzeler Recall - Harley Davidson Community

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    Dunlop Tire Problems - Harley Davidson Community

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    On my 09 FLHR with 20,000 miles coming up on her,,, I will Use the Same Stock HD tires it came with... Still quite a Bit of rubber left, I can't believe this many miles OFF the stock tires...

    09 FLHR model 408' front (smiggie of cupping just started,, feel while braking).... Best mileage I've seen on Todays Bikes. I'm very Pleased...