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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleypr, Jun 25, 2010.

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    I recently purchased a new Harley Deluxe. I love this bike but it's just like cars, you have to have more than one. I've got a Prius, a Ford truck and a work van along with a 36 Ford pickup with a 392 Hemi in it. My problem is since I sold my other bikes I haven't had anything else to ride. I'm thinking of buying a Ducati Streetfighter and a new Honda VFR 1200. I'm 64 and retired in 95 so I need something to occupy my time. My local gas station mentioned yesterday that I had been in every day in June. I said my gas tank only holds 5 gallons. What do you think of these choices and what would you recommend?:bigsmiley30:
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    I ride a 2008 Deluxe which keeps my cruising Demons happy.I also have a Triumph Daytona 595 triple(cutting edge once upon a time-now merely quite rare but still relatively quick)to appease me when i (rarely)want to go faster.

    I'd opt for the Duke.The Streetfighter is a great bike and i love that concept.I also love gentle and easy wheelies!
    The Honda seems to ME to be not really "realized";as in its potential.I felt(and so do many others)that the big 'H'could have made a more sporty bike with far better or more premium suspension and less 'technology for technology's' sake.They built a Flagship to showcase their prowess,but over here it seems riders want something a little different.Time will tell.
    The new VFR isnt a BAD bike,and i'm NOT a touring type of guy;but it dosen't do much for me.The BMW K1300S is a far better bike;but costs more.My opinions only.

    I have to say,you seem like a man with money;why not buy both?
    Then you'll have a Cruiser,a Sport/fun bike that will make you dribble and a Tourer.
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    The man who dies with the most toys wins! Looks to be you might be in the lead.:D
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    I've been giving some thought to getting another bike. I sent my daughter to Rider Training and she now has her "M" endorsement. She can't really afford to buy anything at this time, so I'm thinking about buying a dual purpose bike. It would be something she could ride when we wanted to ride together and a bike I could also get some use out of.

    Just having a hard time deciding what to get. The kid isn't one of those dainty sorts. But, I really don't think I would want to send her out on the Fatboy, at least without getting some road time in before moving to the heavier bike.

    Any suggestions?
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    The Streetfighter IS the bike....:s:p
    But don't buy the version with Ohlins suspensions: unless you're a race pilot, you can save some thousands of dollars! :s

    The VFR is a technological bike and you can now have the options of the "double clutch", a sort of automatic gear.
    But honestly the style is not at the level of other models of the Honda.

    Just for curiosity: where do you think to ride with a Streetfighter in a Country where you have a speed limit of 55 mph and it's highly probable to be caught when passing the limit???:yeahright

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    Actually not too far from Jaceddie' approach. What is NOT to like having two bikes for two different riding styles. You really don't want to take a knife to a gun fight would you? :s
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    To tell the truth I'm leaning towards the Ducati. I live close to Portland International Raceway and there are quite a number of track days there each year. You pay your $2- 250 per day and you get 5 or 6 sessions to run 10 or 12 laps per session. Ducati just brought ALL of their bikes to the track and you could take any of them out. The local dealer, Motocorsa also had bikes at the event so it was a great day. Nothing like 150 plus down the back straight! The Honda really intrigues me and the write ups have been very positive. The dual clutch transmission is apparently phenomenal. The Duc is not a real great bike for city use but for twisties it is hard to beat, and who doesn't like a beautiful Italian.:guitar