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    I've got a '96 dyna convertable that started early in the riding season with a slight ticking sound that seemed to come from the lower front of the primary. I've checked the compensator nut and retightened to specs and readjusted the chain tensioner aswell as check the exhaust manifold bolts with no luck. The tick almost seems to turn into a rattle under power and is definitly influanced by rpm's and load. In the garage idling it almost seems as the tick may be coming from the cam area. I am also getting some oil spray along the right side of the engine now after decent ride. I've read on the forum that a bad breather kit under the rocker cover may cause the oil problem. Could this also be the cause of the other symptoms. If not any other suggestions? I'm starting to get frustrated. Oil levels are good and I'm using Amzoil which was changed this spring about 1000 miles ago.
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    It doesn't appear to have an exhaust leak and I've snugged the bolts down a little bit with no change.
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    Noises are very squirrelly on our bikes. It is hard to find something that shows up when riding when you have to try and lean around the bike to locate it. I had what I thought was a valve tap that drove me crazy fiddling with the pushrods, pr covers, lifter cover alignment, new lifters, etc. I have finally convinced myself that the front exhaust header gasket was not sealing completely allowing a slight exhaust leak that mimicked a valve tap-like noise. Pulled BOTH headers off and replaced the HD crush gaskets with some new style COMETIC ss gaskets. Seems quieter. May just be ME!!

    I have heard (read) guys complain about the flappers on the breathers not sealing right and resulting in a mess on the bike. Don't recall complaints about noise from that though.

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    the oil leak is very common on all evo's! change to a jims breather gear, and I used the k&n kit for the breather bolts in your heads. a hole was reamed out in the rocker boxes for extra drainage, rather than comming out the breather vents. the rattle could be loose heat sheilds on your exhaust or any other loose parts, even the gas caps rattle! check the entire bike over.

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    i had a rattle that drove me completly nutts this spring i hunted and hunted replaced exhaust gaskets still not luck.......i had the rear cylinder exhaust pipe off changing the tranns oil noticed the heat sheild moved a good bitt got to looking at it further and found the top hose clamp that holds my heat sheild on was completly broken so.....off to the parts store.......no more tick tick tick tick noise at idle!!!!!!!!!!:D:D:D:D:D