ThunderMax ECM Install

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    Hi All,
    Well, I finally got my ThunderMax and thought I would post my experience with the install. First off, The videos and instructions from the TMax site for softails do not match my 2008 FLSTC. They want you to snake the O2 sensor wires through some openings behind and under the fuse block. Well on my bike, those openings do not exsist. I did everything they said and there is no way those connectors will fit through there. I did make a hole for it but I had to cut a boat load of wire ties and move alot of wire bundles to get it through. That took about 2 hours and some bleeding knuckles but its there. As for running the harness to the front pipe, They show you a very nice run under the tranny and down the frame rail, wire tied nicely up out of the way, Well, on my bike, That puts the connector right up against the engine about 1/8" away from the hot exhaust crossover pipe. I definitely see melting in its future if it goes there so I still have to finalize where I'm going to run that. right now its up under the frame but its too exposed for my liking. Oh yea, there is no slack what so ever. The wire is tight and just barely reaches so I may look into running it along the backbone under the tank. It means taking off the tank but at least the connector wont melt or get damaged by road debris. The only other issue was the bolts that hold the old ECM in were frozen in. When I tried to get them out, the brass inserts in the tray started turning in the plastic. So I very carefully used a propane torch to heat the bolt head while feeling of the brass insert with my finger until it got very warm. Tried the bolts again and they came right out. Thats an old trick from my navy days. It softens the lock-tight.

    The setup went smooth as silk! Jamie at FuelMoto had it all programed for my setup and after proper initialization and running of the IAC-Auto function, The bike starts instantly and idles like a Harley should. Now all I need is for winter to GO AWAY!!! Then I can get her out on the road and see how she performs. I post the results of my road testing when the weather permits.

    Hope this helps,
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    Nice going, Steve
    My softail was not a picnic when routing.
    It's all worth the results.

    Use dielectric grease on the ECM connector, it solves future problems.