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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by dwurm, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. dwurm

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    Have 2008 wide glide.

    Does anyone have any input on the Thunder Max. I have read about it but do not know if its worth the money. Suppose to get more performance with it's EFI auto tune.
  2. Mad Dog Jim

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    There are a ton of TMax posts here. Surf a little. I want one bad, but my bike is running fine without. It's on the list once I get into the cam chest though
  3. dwurm

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    Thanks for the info, new to forum. Will look around.

    Thanks for your support
  4. Charlies Harley

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    I put thundermax on my 06 heritage last season along with the Rineheart pipes and K&N air filter, loved it all last summer. This winter bored it to 95cu in, SE cams and upgraded the tensioners, after that it only took a couple of minutes with the laptop to reprogram the tunner and it is ready to go. One small draw back is the sequence to follow after the battery has been disconnected other than that have had no troubles with it. Do your reshearch, its not cheap
  5. eleft36

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    I'm a biased TMax user "do it yourself er"

    It's cheaper, in the long run, than having other units that require dyno costs because you get to make valued future engine accessory change adjustments yourself.

    The procedure after battery disconnect is very simple procedure, it requires "reinitialization" to pinpoint the throttle position.(attachment)

    In my opinion it's worth every penny.



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  6. wildey

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    I had one on my 06 Ultra with a 120 zippers engine. Everything worked and ran great.

    There is however one thing it can't do that the HD stock ECM does and that is the fuel mgmt system which will shut off the spark to the rear cylinder in the event that the bike is running hot at events like sturgis and other where there is long idle time.

    My 120 ran very hot and I had to shut if off all the time due to the head temp light coming on at 290 degrees if I remember correctly.

    Don't know if that fuel mgmt system would of helped, sure seems it would have as it would of cut out half the heat when sitting still.

    But it is a great product