Those going to the 105th..caution

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    This is some information I received from a Hog member...what so bad I don't know the boundaries of this country.

    How can they get away with this!!!!


    Yesterday I'm rolling with my guys (four bikes) and we decide to head out to Paddock Lake , WI for breakfast before we meet up with others for the days activities. We pull up to the restaurant and are hopping off the bikes and a Kenosha County Sheriff rolls up on us hard and fast. He starts telling us that the new ordinance is in effect COUNTY WIDE now. Any after market pipes will be cited. He said it doesn't matter if it is quieter than stock, anythin g other than OEM will get you a $160 ticket with a 10 day fix it ticket. You then have to go back to the issuing agency and be cleared. Failure to do so results in an additional $500 fine. The cop was cool and gave us a warning, said he was almost done with his shift and he rides as well. He also said DO NOT expect a warning from others. They are not supposed to give any. Zero tolerance. I understand he is enforcing the "law" but this is absolute bull. My one buddy asked about people from out of town since he is from Illinois , sheriff said it doesn't matter.

    So for those coming up for the 105th, stay the F out of Kenosha County . Kenosha county is only about 20 miles south of Milwaukee and has a huge HD dealer right off I-94. (Ukes) My only fear is that my county (Racine) and other surrounding counties will be on the bandwagon soon since this is clearly a cash cow. Sorry for the long rant, but it is upsetting. I mean, the bikes are made right here for gods sake.

    When will it stop......

    Here is what I found:

    It looks like Kenosha County is joining Lake Geneva in a crackdown on loud pipes.

    Here is the notice issued by the Kenosha County Sheriff from the Abate board:

    From the Chicago ABATE board.............

    If you plan on riding in the Kenosha area watch yourself. The Kenosha County sheriff is on the hunt for bikes with loud pipes. The fine is $186.00!!!!

    The following is an open letter, addressed to all area Law Enforcement Officers, from Kenosha Sheriff David Beth. Sheriff Beth is urging a crack down on the wide spread use of altered exhaust systems on motorcycles, which violate state and county noise ordinances:

    To All Sworn Personnel

    Over the last few years I have been hearing hundreds of complaints about loud mufflers on motorcycles. The summer season is upon us and Kenosha 's residents are keeping their windows open well into the nights. Busy roads will see hundreds or thousands of motorcycles go past every day. Weekend bike traffic climbs even higher with nice weather.

    Most bike owners maintain legal exhaust systems and operate in a respectable manner every day. With fuel costs sky rocketing, motorcycles will become more of a necessity than a luxury. Some bike owners will alter their exhausts against Wisconsin State Laws. These alterations generate noise above acceptable levels for everyone who lives on the roads they travel, or the businesses they frequent.

    Starting immediately, please strictly enforce SS 347.39 Mufflers (1) & (2). '... No person shall modify the exhaust system of any such motor vehicle in a manner which will amplify or increase the noise emitted by the motor of such vehicle above that emitted by the muffler originally installed on the vehicle, and such original
    muffler shall comply with all requirements of this section.' Bond for violation of this statute is $186.00.

    Riding a motorcycle is a wonderful form of recreation, as well as a great way to conserve fuel. It is only a few that feel the excessive noise is necessary for their enjoyment. Unfortunately it is mining it for all the motorcyclists that obey the law, and those that need to listen to the noise that live along Kenosha 's roads. I will be
    contacting all Police agencies within Kenosha County as well as all
    Sheriff's Departments across Wisconsin in order to have a unified
    effort to quiet the loud muffler epidemic that is plaguing
    Wisconsin 's roadways

    Please pass this along to all of your biker friends.

    Gary Stengler

    Activities Director
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    Hey, it's the law. But it is usually never enforced. I guess enough of the towns people have had their peace disturbed that the sheriff has no choice but to act in regards to their wishes. Can't say I didn't see this coming....... Was only a matter of time.
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    Wonder if the law applies to loud cars and trucks also, or they just target bikes? I have an aftermarket exhaust on the chevy. AMA, where are you....

    I should take the blown big block chevy and cruise the downtown to see.....just can't afford the gas to run it.
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    I did some reaserch on this and as far as I can tell this story is legit and not just one of those internet storys to get people fired up. I searched local media for Kenosha wisconsin and found the same story that was given to Fourdogs . At first I thought... nah .....this is a hoax but to my dismay its not.
    I guess the fine citizens of Kenosha county can rest easy at night knowing that they have a vigilant crime fighter like Sheriff David Beth out there who isn't afraid to take on the tough issues facing the county......

    MyFox Milwaukee | Kenosha County Deputies Ticket Loud Bikes

    24 7 Interactive News: The Daily Kenoshan - Kenosha Sheriff's Dept. urging crackdown on loud exhaust/noise ordinance violations
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    I'm about willing to bet that it is just targeted at motorcycle. What a surprise.
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    In all seriousness, I am sure it is as usual just a few obnoxious bikers with straight pipes that need to draw attention to themselves that is ruining it for all of us. I have nothing against loud pipes but there is a time and place for them. I have a knuckle head that lives near me that likes to come by my house at 2 AM and set off every car alarm on the block. They are doing this because of people like him. Having to pay $160.00 a few times might get the results that law enforcement want. It also might provide more funds for more resources to continue this enforcement. We need to police ourselves so we can stop this from happening.
    my .02 worth.
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    I would say you are right Vibratinharley. However, I have aftermarket pipes on my bike. Mine are not as loud as some. I have had some bikes come by me on the road and they they are so loud they peirce your ears even with earplugs in.
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    You know....I look at it like this..
    You have to have respect for others space/area. I live two blocks off 195 in Southern Wa.. Major bike route. Town is about 6 blocks long. 35mph speed limit. I hear bikes all hours of day and night. 95% don't bother me but every once in a while you have that guy/gal or two or three bikes that have to open the throttle a block from the edge of town. At night it is VERY loud. Still, that doesn't bother me personally but those old folks that live right on the highway...........

    My bike is loud. I try to come in quiet and leave quiet out of respect for my neighbors.

    For those that show respect...thank you.
    For those that don't.......I hope that in some way you get the msg.

    Ride safe

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    It would be OK if the law is applied fairly accross all vehicles that use the road, not just bikers. I've heard many car stereos thumping louder than any bike. Feel sorry for anyone that rides an old panhead in Denver.

    From the AMA website. AMA News: AMA works toward solution of Denver sound ordinance concerns

    "AMA concerned over Denver law that bans aftermarket exhausts, seeks dialogue with city officials"

    "A new law passed by the Denver City Council essentially requires all riders in the city to use only stock exhaust systems on their motorcycles. It's a law that addresses sound issues by unfairly targeting only motorcyclists, and the AMA is seeking a dialogue with Denver city officials to try to find a solution. ...The new ordinance, which takes effect July 1,..."
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    Last night on the local Milwaukee news they stated that they are asking bike owners to just be respectful of others. They will be ticketing those that do not comply. All of the local dealers, Washington fairgrounds,statefair grounds,brady street etc... will all have local law enforcement there to police this matter. Also there is a change that there will be no open alcohol while going from one bar to another.Past years you could walk from one bar to another with a beer...whatever, not this year.
    I personally would like to welcome all my riding brothers and sisters to Milwaukee for the 105th. This is the home of the greatest motorcycle ever made.Be proud, ride safe,have a blast and thank those living and deceased that gave their lives to allow us to enjoy this freedom! SEE YOU AT THE PARTY!