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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by joe1984, Oct 13, 2009.

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    About 3 to 4 months ago i purchased a 2007 xl1200 c now keep this is mind i love this bike... This is my first cruiser bike i had a street bike b/4 this. I am 5'11" about 195lbs my wife is 5'4" about 130lbs and when ride 2up the shocks bottom out. So instead of putting a bunch of money into a bike that i didnt plan on keeping anyway i was thinking of getting a new wide glide. i asked the dealers how the shocks were on that and they could not give me an answer i was wondering if anyone had any input or any pros and cons in general????
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    Test ride a dyna at your local dealer love those Dynas
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    If you're going to do a lot of 2 up riding and/or touring, do yourself and your wallet a favor and test ride one or two of the Touring models. More expensive to ride a Dyna or Softail for a year and THEN wish you had got a touring bike. I'm not saying you should definitely get one but you're cheating yourself if you don't try one, preferably a rental so you can ride it a day or so.
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    I just upgraded from a 2009 XL1200C to a 2010 FXDC and its the best thing I've done. As for the 2up. My wife and I are about the same as you guys. She rode the sportster up and as normal she was quite and not really enjoying the ride. On the way back however and for the first time she relaxed and really enjoyed the ride. I did put a sundowner touring seat and touring backrest for her. You won't regret it.
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    Yea i am working on somthing now with the dealer... if all goes well hopefully i will be on the that bike by the end of the weekend... i sure will miss that sportster though
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    No you won't.....once you get your hands on that 96" motor it will be all over with :D Night and day difference and you will love how it runs 2 up.

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    ALWAYS had a sporster in my garage....latest one is a 2006 sport roadster

    NOW SAYING THAT "in my garage" is where it USUALLY is...

    I HAD my 2000 DYNA for 10 yrs ... LOVED the ride n GREAT with 2 up...

    only mods: A seat needed for MORE COMFORT (mustang seat)... BUT with ANY BIKE,,, bottoming out occasionally is NORMAL and with the STOCK shocks adjusted up FULLY, I still would hit a bump n bottom....(dyna gave US a great ride, MUCH better than a sport)

    I put MANY mods into that FXD S and well over 115,000 miles on it .... MANY DIFFERENT REBUILDS ...90,000 miles with a 6 spd tranny, motor built to the hilt...(still mechanically sound) b-4 trading it off for a 09 FLHR (road king)...

    WE really like the RIDE the STOCK RK gives and occaisonally it does bottom out.... THE air ride shocks can be adjusted for the RIDE you need...

    I was always worried about the LARGER BIKES as NO FUN..... WRONG...... I"M GLAD FOR THE CHANGE .....

    gota get that sport out for a ride..... some day...

    HOPE experiences with my bikes HELPS YOU OUT!

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    Thanks alot for the input.... i anticipate the occasional occurance of bottoming out but when i ride for approx 3 hrs and i bottom out once every 20mins i think there is a problem and i just think this its very unsafe... and also just not good for the bike. But so far all i hear are great things about the dyna's... I wish i could afford to keep my sporty cause it really is a great bike for riding solo
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    well i paid my deposit this morning... bike should be done by saturday. they had to order the pipes in... saturday is just not going to come fast enough
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    Grats Joe :)