"The Rattler" A good road near Maggie Valley

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  1. I go to Maggie Valley every year. This summer I rode "The Rattler," which is a road near Maggie Valley that is trying to compete with the Dragon. (Lake Junaluska, NC to Hot Springs, NC on HW 209) I've never ridden the Dragon, but my friend who was with me has. He said it was similar to the Dragon but stretched out a bit. Lots of curves with some open road, too. There was very little traffic on it...motorcycles were the primary vehicles seen, but not so many that it was even close to being crowded. Great ride. There are several places to eat in Hot Springs, too.

    I'm a new member and I can't post links yet so you'll need to locate The Rattler on the web by searching the for "The Rattler NC209" or use a mapping website and poke in Lake Junaluska, NC and Hot Springs, NC for the route on HW 209.
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    No problem.....:s
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    I'll keep it in mind for our trip next year. Thanks!
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    Interesting - I've ridden that road several times before I knew it had a name and loved it. I actually think it's more scenic than the Dragon and there are sections where it settles down and you can relax a bit before the next wave of curves. You can also soak your tired bones in Hot Springs (well, where do you think they came up with the name) and grab a coffee or quick meal. Hot Springs is also a popular spot for hikers on the Appalachian Trail to come down for a break so watch out for weary hikers with huge backpacks!
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    I rode nc209 from Waynesville to Hot Springs years ago on my Dyna. I remember it as a excellent ride, good skill challenges with nice scenery.
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    Riding south east is on my bucket list someday. If any of you haven't had the chance to ride the rocky mountains yet I would recommend it, the scenery is great.
  8. I've done the Rockies a couple/three times. Truly spectacular. A few years back I took a trip from east Kansas through Yellowstone, on to Boise to visit relatives, then south through Salt Lake City to I-70/Green River UT and on home via Denver. That was my first time riding in the desert and I fell in love with it. The road from SLC to Green River UT (HW 6) was fantastic. I discovered the spot where they filmed a lot of the Road Runner/Coyote cartoons. Found a cliff that still had an anvil shaped hole at the bottom. :p

    Spent a couple weeks on another trip and meandered from Sacramento CA via HW6 to the Moab UT area. My first time in that area on the bike or in a cage. Breathtaking scenery. I especially enjoyed HW 128 that goes northeast out of Moab up to I-70.

    I think I like the desert over the mountains because of what I call "Scenery Overload." In the mountains the scenery changes so fast that I find myself unable to absorb it all. Mountain view...water fall...tall trees...another mountain view...all in a few seconds sometimes. In the desert I get to see the various geographical features for 10-15 minutes or longer as they get closer and closer. But that's just me...

    There are a few of my favorites photos from the trips I mentioned in my photo albums.
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    Some very interesting observations there Frank, looking forward to seeing the photos in your album and reading more of your adventures.