The modulator 1985 fxrt sport glide

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Mr. Westfield, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Mr. Westfield

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    I just found today under the fairing a square part that says "The Modulator" on it. It is a Harley Davidson part. There is a little switch that says night/day on it.

    When I switch it from Night to day, the headlamp goes out.

    Is the lamp designed to flicker when the switch is in DAY mode?

    Is something like this still available from Harley?

    Has anyone seen this? The bike is an 85' FXRT
  2. robbiemac

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    Hi, don't think that is a factory fitted part. have a look here for some info:-
    Headlight Modulator

    I would not want my headlight flickering at night, would be not a good idea.

    The one on the link seems to be activated when the horn is pressed, perhaps not in your installation.

    Do a google search for "the modulator+motorcycle" and see what comes up..