The Magic of WD-40

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    I don't have an inside facility to store my bike so it stays covered up out side. I accidentally discovered an awesome way to prevent rust, and on the upside, it cleans the bike up nice too. I got some WD-40 overspray on my chrome.

    I noticed after I wiped it off that the chrome came real clean and so did everything else on the bike. I decided to spray the fenders, tanks, the chassis, and pretty much everything in sight to see what happened. It worked like a champ. I went out two day later and started wiping down the bike.

    The WD-40 removed every spot of rust, oxidation, road film, and what have you. Naturally I went ahead and applied wax and chrome polish as a barrier, but if you want your ride to be spotless, spray it down with WD-40.

    It is cheap, effective, and doesn't harm any of those high dollar parts. If you want to go all out you can buy an al-cheapo insect sprayer like you buy at Wal-Mart and mix up a solution of soap and water to give the bike a good wash, then rinse it off the same way. I did that on mine, then blew it off with a leaf blower. It turned out spic and span.
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    Be real careful with WD40. We used to use it on chrome aircraft struts to clean them until the chrome started delaminating. The engineers researched and told us not to use wd40 anymore that it was the cause of the drome breaking down.
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    Those Magical aerosol penetrating lubricants contain things that dissolve rust first, then go after unprotected metals. Use them for what they are designed for, freeing up frozen parts and removing rust and label glue. If you want to pickle something from an aerosol can, use LPS3, not 1 or 2, but 3. It is a protective film with no penetrants or lubricants.
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    Just a few uses for WD40...

    Whether you’re a pool shark or new to the game, having a pool cue that works properly can significantly improve your ability to make shots. Use WD-40 to keep your pool cue’s joints lubricated and prevent them from sticking.

    • Displaces moisture from submerged cellular phones
    • Drives moisture from radar gear
    • Displaces moisture from guns after cleaning
    • Drives moisture and mud from duck guns
    • Spray on bottom of wet running shoes to drive out moisture
    • Drives moisture from buckles on scuba diving belt
    • Drives moisture from fishing waders after use
    • Removes moisture between handle & shaft of golf irons
    • Drives moisture from wet bicycle chains
    • Drives moisture from fishing tackle
    • Drives moisture from lifejacket turnbuckles
    • Drives moisture from bicycle gear shifting cables
    • Drives moisture from bicycle bearings
    • Drives moisture from moving parts of compound bows
    • Drives out moisture from jet ski spark plugs
    • Cleans gunk off snow chains
    • Removes road film from brake cables
    • Cleans reloading dies
    • Lubricates and protects snowmobile suspension
    • Keeps horseshoes from rusting
    • Removes crayon from shoes
    • Removes crayon from toys
    • Cleans residue on luggage handles
    • Cleans doggie doo from tennis shoes
    • Removes adhesive price tag from shoe bottoms
    • Removes wax from shoes
    • Polishes splash guards
    • Cleans peanut butter from shoestrings
    • Protects swing chains from rusting
    • Shines vinyl on jukeboxes
    • Cleans and protects radar gear
    • Cleans and protects gun carriages
    • Cleans and protects gun linkages
    • Helps remove reflector tape from life jackets
    • Prevents rust on guns used in the field
    • Prevents corrosion on field weapons
    • Protects gun parts when being stored
    • Cleans and protects bayonets
    • Removes gum from bottom of shoes
    • Cleans and protects cowboy boots
    • Shines vinyl sneakers
    • Cleans spots off shoes
    • Protects gym lockers from steam/water damage
    • Restores transparency of plastic shoes
    • Prevents rust and cleans Katana swords
    • Spray spurs to prevent rust
    • Cleans mud from shoes
    • Cleans and protects shoelace eyelets
    • Cleans and protects ammunition cans
    • Cleans bowling balls
    • Cleans and protects toy trucks
    • Cleans gum from horseshoes
    • Keeps saddles rust-free
    • Helps remove turntable plates from phonograph record player
    • Removes tar from horseshoes
    • Removes gum from plastic stroller wheels
    • Lubricates and cleans prosthetic arms
    • Keeps tackle from freezing during ice fishing
    • Removes adhesive from sunglasses
    • Removes adhesive from kayak
    • Spray on beach chair hinges to prevent binding and rust
    • Lubricates sleds and toboggans
    • Cleans and protects metal buckles on snow gear
    • Prevents canopy stakes from rust
    • Keeps snow from sticking to impeller
    • Cleans and conditions rubber on table tennis paddles
    • Keeps fishing reels rust-free
    • Keeps fishing lures corrosion free
    • Cleans dice
    • Protects bicycle chain
    • Cleans bike chains
    • Removes athletic tape from ankles
    • Shines golf clubs
    • Removes gunk from surface of guns
    • Protects metal baseball bat from rust
    • Cleans bowling ball finger holes
    • Lubricates and protects unicycle seat post
    • Prevents rust on golf spikes
    • Anti-rust agent and lubricant for gun magazines
    • Cleans volleyballs
    • Penetrates and cleans stiff buckles on horse equipment
    • Protects bike frame from salt water corrosion
    • Cleans golf club shafts
    • Prevents rust from forming on metal picnic cups
    • Prevents corrosion on my sailboat pulleys
    • Cleans and protects trailer hitch locking mechanism
    • Keeps rust from forming on hockey skate blades
    • Cleans golf club faces
    • Use to lubricate hockey goals and keep them from rusting
    • Cleans rust off sprockets
    • Removes camouflage tape from guns
    • Cleans dirt from stabilizer jacks on camping trailer
    • Removes deep stains from basketballs
    • Protects golf clubs against rust and corrosion
    • Removes tire marks from fiberglass body of go-carts
    • Cleans exterior of drums
    • Spray cleats before playing in rainy weather to keep mud from sticking
    • Prevents fishing flies from rusting
    • Unfreezes frozen snowshoe zippers
    • Keeps seat staples from rusting on personal watercraft
    • Protects baseball gloves during off-season
    • Helps removes golf club grip tape during regripping process
    • Polishes fishing lures
    • Keeps ice skate blades from rusting
    • Cleans and protects miniature golf gear
    • Softens and cleans netting on lacrosse sticks
    • Removes dead insects from golf carts
    • Rejuvenates soft plastic fishing lures
    • Removes tape from aluminum bats
    • Removes bike skid marks from driveway
    • Removes tape from hockey stick
    • Cleans bottom of coil on metal detector
    • Protects bayonets from rust while stored in sheaths
    • Refurbishes antique fishing lures
    • Cleans gunk from hiking boot treads
    • Cleans golf cart seats
    • Cleans gunk from rollerblade bearings
    • Removes fish slime from tackle
    • Removes scuff marks from slides and climbers
    • Cleans and lubricates remote control model helicopter
    • Cleans and protects boot buckles
    • Removes pine tar from baseball bat
    • Removes grass stains from softballs
    • Protects trucks on skateboards
    • Cleans and polishes cooking kettles
    • Cleans pool cue sticks
    • Removes ball marks from aluminum baseball bats
    • Cleans gum out of skateboard axles
    • Cleans runners on slot cars
    • Protects metal fencing blades
    • Removes sports tape from uniforms
    • Cleans swing arms on dirt bikes
    • Removes gum from tents
    • Shines bike tires
    • Removes scuff marks from rubber edges of tennis shoes
    • Protects jet-ski engine compartment from corrosion
    • Cleans and protects adjusting screws on bicycle seats
    • Cleans chrome bicycle frame
    • Degreases bicycle chains
    • Degreases bicycle frame
    • Removes powder residue and metal fouling from gun barrels
    • Protects bore and exterior of gun barrel from corrosion
    • Prevents buildup of grease and dirt on portable stoves
    • Protects arrowheads from corrosion
    • Prevents buildup of grease and dirt on portable lanterns
    • Prevents salt damage on aluminum exterior components of personal watercrafts
    • Spray golf shoe spike threads to prevent rust from forming in sockets
    • Cleans and protects dune buggy rotor caps
    • Protects kite line
    • Keeps top line guides from freezing on fishing rods when ice fishing
    • Spray on arrow feathers to keep them water resistant
    • Cleans table tennis rackets
    • Lubricates auto cocker on paintball gun
    • Removes algae from canoes
    • Removes rust from sled runners
    • Removes stickers from arrows
    • Removes crud from antique guns
    • Keeps plastic fishing lures from sticking together
    • Removes unwanted decals from bicycle frames
    • Cleans and lubricates BB guns
    • Keeps barbells from rusting
    • Helps remove rust from pins in weightlifting equipment
    • Spray on pump action on shotgun to prevent freezing during cold weather
    • Keeps camping gear free of rust
    • Protects football helmets
    • Prevents rust on bicycle spokes
    • Prevents rust on bicycle brake threads
    • Prevents rust on bicycle frame
    • Prevents rust on bicycle brake cables
    • Removes lead buildup on guns
    • Cleans and protects metal fencing uniform parts
    • Keeps golf cart wheels rust-free
    • Protects ice-fishing auger from rust
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    Oh wait, I forgot some...

    • Spray on baseball cleats to make sliding easier
    • Removes grass stains from sneakers
    • Spray on golf club heads before play to reduce drag caused from a lie in the rough
    • Lubricates baseball pitching machine and prevents rust
    • Helps removes rust from golf clubs
    • Removes paint from lures
    • Cleans and lubricates the main parachute release cables on a sport parachute assembly
    • Keeps lures from snagging on lily pads and lake grass
    • Cleans lacquer off bronze hardware fittings
    • Prevents rust from forming on ski bindings
    • Removes tar from beach and sand toys
    • Cleans fox traps
    • Removes stickers from surfboards
    • Removes duct tape residue from mono-ski seat
    • Prevents rust when sprayed on bike scratches
    • Stops ice from forming on horseshoes during riding
    • Spray on a paint brush for an easy way to clean RC cars
    • Use the WD-40 No-Mess Pen to remove fingerprints and smudges from your Martial Arts Sword
    • Lubricates stuck bolts on diving boards
    • Lubricates go-cart gears
    • Lubricates locks on vehicle bike racks
    • Lubricates bearings in wheels on boat trailer
    • Loosens stuck trailer hitches
    • Loosens tight folding chair hinges
    • Lubricates vintage jukebox mechanisms
    • Lubricates hydraulic rams on slideout of 5th wheel
    • Lubricates air holes before inserting hand air pump nozzle onto tires
    • Lubricates luggage zippers
    • Lubricates cork screws
    • Frees stuck Lego blocks
    • Lubricates shoe buckles
    • Lubricates small rolling toys
    • Lubricates wheels on rolling Ping-Pong tables
    • Lubricates adjuster button on canes
    • Lubricates baby buggy wheels
    • Lubricates sunshade joints
    • Lubricates swinging leg rests on wheel chairs
    • Lubricates locks on money boxes on gaming tables
    • Lubricates brake levers on wheelchairs
    • Lubricates ice chest locks
    • Loosens joints of costume
    • Lubricates hinges on skunk racing box
    • Lubricates gun table rollers
    • Lubricates precision gun fittings
    • Lubricates pin-setters in bowling alleys
    • Lubricates walkers for easier folding
    • Spray on Twister game for more fun
    • Lubricates moving parts of Swiss army knife
    • Lubricates crossbows
    • Lubricates pinball machine flippers
    • Lubricates boot zippers
    • Lubricates hinge on beer stein
    • Frees stuck elevator cables on ultralight aircraft (gliders)
    • Lubricates winding mechanisms on wind-up toys
    • Loosens stuck pocket knife blades
    • Lubricates wheelchair axles
    • Lubricates hinges on crawfish traps
    • Lubricates hinges of trick (folding) golf clubs
    • Lubricates moving parts on Black Spider Ride in Coney Island Amusement Park
    • Lubricates moving parts of toys
    • Lubricates ankle braces
    • Lubricates leg brace hinges
    • Lubricates foot pedals on wheelchairs
    • Lubricates wheels of Tonka trucks
    • Lubricates wheelchair gears
    • Lubricates and stops squeaks in handle of adjustable cane
    • Lubricates pellet guns
    • Lubricates metal joints on pool cues
    • Lubricates metal joints on old wooden toys
    • Lubricates shaft of slot machine coin receiver
    • Lubricates bed wheels for more speed while bed racing
    • Loosens old LPs from turntable spindles
    • Lubricates wheelchair bearings
    • Helps remove stuck prosthetic leg
    • Lubricates stuck zipper on wetsuits
    • Lubricates rollers on rowing machine
    • Lubricates golf bag zipper
    • Lubricates pump-action guns
    • Lubricates dart guns
    • Lubricates steel zippers on camping equipment storage bags
    • Helps disassemble stuck parts of swing set
    • Lubricates axles of golf cart
    • Lubricates hinges on plastic coolers
    • Lubricates sailboat sheaves
    • Lubricates snowboard bindings
    • Helps remove light bulbs from digital scoreboard
    • Lubricates bicycle U-locks
    • Lubricates weight machine pulleys
    • Loosen stuck golf cart parts
    • Lubricates paddleboat axles
    • Loosens lock on golf cart shed
    • Lubricates retractable legs on "standing" golf bags
    • Lubricates sports bag zippers
    • Lubricates windsurfing gear
    • Helps lubricate chinstrap snaps on football helmets
    • Loosens football cleats for easier removal
    • Lubricates swivels on fishing lures
    • Lubricates foosball table axles to make figures move better
    • Lubricates tent pole twist locks
    • Lubricates flywheels on "spinning" cycles at the gym
    • Lubricates target turners at shooting ranges
    • Keeps tap shoes working smoothly
    • Loosens zippers on sleeping bag
    • Lubricates go-cart linkage
    • Lubricates metal parts of badminton net
    • Lubricates folding parts of Razor scooters
    • Helps remove stuck freewheel
    • Unfreezes pump handle on portable stove
    • Loosens screws on old bicycle bells
    • Lubricates iso-kinetic workout machines
    • Loosens hammer locks and chamber of starting pistol for track meets
    • Lubricates pedals of paddle boats
    • Loosens swivel on bicycle handlebars
    • Lubricates gears on exercise bikes
    • Loosens chainsaw triggers
    • Lubricates potato guns
    • Lubricates gear sprockets on mountain bikes
    • Lubricates joints on golf pull-carts
    • Lubricates sail tracks
    • Lubricates axles on miniature racing cars
    • Lubricates tiller arm on sailboat
    • Lubricates gun strap hardware
    • Lubricates sling swivels on hunting rifles
    • Lubricates handheld clay pigeon launcher
    • Loosens track shoe spikes
    • Lubricates wheels on compound bow
    • Allows for easy removal of arrows from targets
    • Lubricates wheels on portable batting cages
    • Lubricates leather gasket of Coleman stove
    • Lubricates stationary bicycles
    • Lubricates snaps to make putting on boat top easier
    • Lubricates folding mechanism of golf pull-carts
    • Lubricates bicycle shocks
    • Lubricates runners on diving board to make fulcrum move
    • Eases removal of bicycle training wheels
    • Lubricate sections of telescoping golf ball retrievers
    • Lubricates swivel on swing set
    • Lubricates training wheels
    • Lubricates amplifier knobs
    • Lubricates sailboat shackles
    • Lubricates bicycle brake pad hinges
    • Lubricates mountain bike derailleur
    • Lubricates rotating weightlifting seats
    • Lubricates folding tent pole joints
    • Lubricates cams of compound bows
    • Lubricates moving parts of cross country skis
    • Lubricates folding parts of collapsing golf clubs
    • Lubricates belt drive for golf cart to stop shuddering on startup
    • Lubricates raccoon traps
    • Lubricates rowing machines
    • Lubricates wheels on power wheelchairs
    • Frees rusted trailer hitch pins
    • Lubricates rusted umbrellas
    • Frees rusted locks on tackle boxes
    • Loosens rusted nuts on volleyball net
    • Lubricates rusty pogo sticks
    • Lubricates rusted parts on snowmobile tie-down bars
    • Loosens oar locks on rowboats
    • Spray on trailer hitch to prevent squeaks while towing
    • Stops squeaks on Tonka trucks
    • Stops squeaks on walking casts
    • Quiets squeaks on baby strollers
    • Stops crutches from squeaking
    • Keeps stationary bicycle pedals from squeaking
    • Stops squeaks on elliptical machines
    • Quiets fastening mechanism on snowshoe crampons
    • Stops squeaks on weight bench
    • Stops squeaks on swing sets
    • Stops squeaks on backpacks
    • Removes squeaks from sky gliders
    • Removes squeak from deer hunting stands
    • Spray joints of metal tent posts to stop creaking due to wind
    • Lubricates the oar joints in racing shell
    • Stops squeaks on rollerblades
    • Stops squeaks on power air pump
    • Removes squeaks from shin guards
    • Stops squeaks on training wheels
    • Stops squeaks on bicycle seat coils
    • Stops squeaks on ski boots
    • Stops squeaks on bicycle seat posts
    • Spray old leather shoes and the leather will become soft and pliable
    • Removes stiffness from dried out leather gloves
    • Spray in rubber over-booties to make putting them on easier
    • Lubricates rubber part of sandals for easy repair (putting plastic back into designated hole)
    • Reduces friction on cardboard box for mini-hockey game
    • Softens stiff leather sandals
    • Helps break-in tough hi-top shoes
    • Eases application of rubber racquetball racquet grips
    • Spray on golf gloves to stop them from drying out
    • Eases installment of rubber hand grips on home exercise equipment
    • Helps break in shoe portion on new roller skates
    • Lubricates paintball gun barrel
    • Lubricates inner tubes for faster sledding
    • Eases installation and removal of tent stakes
    • Helps break-in baseball mitts
    • Spray on fingers to make smoother finger-spinning for freestyle Frisbee players
    • Spray on foosball game parts for easy assembly
    • Helps break in softball mitts
    • Helps break in leather gun holsters
    • Gives bowling balls "less grab" on the lanes
    • Aids attachment of spars to sail of kites
    • Lubricates inside of handgrips to ease installation
    • Rub into hands before touching lures or bait to disguise human scent
    • Spray on sharpening stone to help sharpen speed skates
    • Spray onto golf tees to penetrate hard ground areas
    • Spray on fishing line to keep line from becoming stiff
    • Lubricate arrow inserts for easy replacement
    • Softens plastic hockey stick blades
    • Spray on slip and slide to enable baseball sliding practice indoors
    • Softens stiff ice hockey skate boots
    • Lubricates racquetball racket grips prior to installation
    • Helps remove stubborn rust from tow ball
    • Spray on snow chains to keep from rusting
    • Cleans gunk from travel trailer siding
    • Keeps trailer hitch receiver and insert looking new
    • Keeps RV slides rust free
    • Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of Doctor Marten's boots
    • Lubricates hinges and wheels on toy wagon
    • Lubricates window hinges on horse trailer
    • Lubricates zippers on bowling bags
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    Hope you studied them, there's going to be a test.:lero

    I think the best thing I have found is it removes gum from a rug followed by a shampoo of the rug to get rid of the WD40
  6. I was going to add yet another use, but my girl friend (now ex-girlfriend) shot me down the tubes. Go figure.

    I'm far from being an aeronautical engineer, but I find that hard to swallow. Wouldn't there have to be an imperfection to begin with for the WD-40 to be able to get in and do a delamination?

    I think maybe if I were to use the spray and leave it there, there could be negative results, but I only left it on overnight and cleaned it off the next morning. Interesting note you made though. Think I'll check that out. Thanks for the info.
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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who has read the wd-40 list!:newsmile090:
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    So Glider, Do you think that if I used WD-40 on my wallet it would stop squeeking when I open it while at the dealership?:bigsmiley8:
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    If you ride a Harley and you open your wallet at the dealership it doesn't squeak anymore. It's already well oiled:D