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    OK, now that I have a new bike, what oil should I use? I always have used Mobil One synthetic oil. My question is this: How soon can I switch in all three holes? Crank, Primary and Tranny? Any warranty issues? I have a whopping 200 miles on my 09 Ultra. I want to be sure to use the correct oil without messing with my warranty. I do know I want to use Mobil One as soon as possible in the crank. But I am not sure about the tranny on these touring bikes as well as the primary? Thanks all.
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    My 2008 Deluxe has racked up 400 odd klms;around 250 miles.I've just put Mobil V-twin 20w-50 full synthetic into the motor;H-D formula plus into the primary and Mobil synthetic 95-140 GEAR oil into the gearbox.But,i kept with the H-D 5 Micron oil filter.Others on this site swear by Spectro gear box oil,but that's not available in OZ.

    IF you use an oil of the correct or better grade,then you wont have a warranty issue.There is masses of information on this topic scattered about this site.
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    Use what you think is best, as biscuit pointed out there is tons of information out here and the rest of the web. I believe in the recommendations from this site, put Spectro 6 in my tranny, Formula + in the primary, and switching over the Mobil V-Twin Sythetic in the oil at the next change (had that one done by the dealer since they had the bike anyway for other reasons).

    As for Warranty Glider posted something from MOCO that I believe said changing the oil to what you prefer would NOT void the warranty. It is in the tips section, just don't have time to look it up now.
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    That would be this...

    Dealers And The Magnusson-Moss Act - Harley Davidson Community
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    This is kind of like standing up in church and asking "what religion is best". Never the less, here goes with my .05 worth. Harley oil is ok, but there are better choices out there that cost about the same. I always go by the "ratings" that all oil is given. API ratings along with different group ratings tell you everything you need to compare one brand or type of oil to another. My personal choice is Mobil 1 V-Twin in 20-50 wt. for the crankcase. For the primary you don't need anything very exotic so I go with Harley Formula + oil. As long as there are no friction modifiers in them, nearly any good 10w30 or 10w40 will be adaquate. For the transmission, well that is a different story. I want a gear oil in there, not just a motor oil. I want a good moly additive in there too because of sheer in between the gears, expecially 1st and 5th which use a straight gear design. I use Mobil 1 Synthetic gear oil of the 75w-90. It has a GL5 rating not a 3 like the Harley synthetic stuff has. You would probably be safe using the Harley 20-50 synthetic 3 stuff in all three holes but as long as something better is available for about the same price I will opt for the added protection afforded by Mobil 1 V-Twin which holds up better in high temp air cooled engines such as Harley. When it came time for my first fluid change the dealer where I bought mine said they now put their Synthetic 3 in the crank, primary and the transmission. Oh, how things change. A couple of years ago Harley wouldn't have used synthetic oil in their motors if their lives depended on it. Now they have their own branded synthetic oil and they have changed their tune somewhat. In keeping with the Harley business model, they will do everything within their power to push Harley branded merchandise whether clothing or chrome. The wise shopper will always shop around and do their homework before buying into that Harley lifestyle that the "Stealers" push so hard. Buy a shop manual from Harley. It will be the best $60.00 you will ever spend with a dealer. Easy to read and it is the very thing the Harley mechanics in the back use.