The black coat is coming off the heads

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by ironmark, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. ironmark

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    I just got the bike brand new on 8/6/2008 & the black coat is coming off the rear head by the sparkplug & rear head bolt , should this be covered by the Harley warranty ? I took it to the dealer & they are checking into it . The dealer mentioned that if Harley covers the head that it would be a good time to put in the 103 stage 2 kit . Has anyone had the black coating come off this soon & was it covered by the warranty & would it be worth puting in the 103 stage 2 kit ?
  2. flh canuck

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    I believe it is powder coat and it most definitely shouldn't be coming off. Only way to repair it properly is to replace the head which should be under warranty.

    As for the 103" kit, If you want more power and they have it apart anyway so you only have to cover the cost of the parts, I would say go for it!:yes
  3. rbmount

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    We've covered a lot worse(ex. blatent abuse) at work, so I don't see why not.