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Discussion in 'Oil' started by Brentman, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Brentman

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    Well...I have been trying to figure out what is the best...oil to use in My 2008 FXDC Super Glide.

    I have been searching for almost a month now and from what I can find....the BEST oil is " What you are confortable with"!!!!

    In my 6 Yammies I had since 1980 to 2008 I always used Castrol 20w50 Motorcycle oil...and never had any problems.

    But now with the Harley.... I am going to try AMSOIL..20w50 in the Engine.....10w40 in the Primary....75w90 or 110 Gear lube in the Tranny.....sure hope those guys at AMSOIL know what they are talking about.

    They tell a good I will see this spring....when I change my oil.

    I live way up north Northern Canada.....where we get winter 5 months of the year....cuts down on the ammount of miles you put on your bike....or you can ride and freeze your face off.

    I am wondering if I use synthetic oils.... if it will be better in cooler weather...we get some hot days...but the majority of our weather is cool...and when you get into the stays cool.

    Also storing the bike in a unheated shop...where it can drop to -40... (I do the winter storage thing )...but I wonder if synthetic oil would be better????

    more world peace please!
  2. Drumrguy

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    Amsoil is a great choice. It is all I run.
  3. glider

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  4. cdn-bigfoot

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    For the same reasons stated I won't use Amsoil.
    Google search "best oil" or anything related to oil and 95% of the websites are actually set-up by Amsoil. False claims and propoganda abound.

    I use Mobil 1 Full Synthetic in the motor, Royal Purple Max Gear in the tranny and any good quality dino oil in the primary.
  5. Iceman24

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    We used Amsoil in our snowmobiles & you know how punishing these motors can be to run. Recommend you look through glider's oil info - it can help you to determine what works best for your likes/environment.

    BTW, I use M1 20W-50 (Synth) in engine, M1 75/90 in the trranny & HD Formula+ in the primary here in NE (MidWest).
  6. DEP47

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    Amsoil is great oil, but try to find it when you need to make a change in a strange place on a trip. Mobil 1 is just as good to me and cheaper and more available.
  7. Jack Klarich

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    Maybe if amzoil was so great they would make it easier to purchase and clean up there website JMO
  8. Brentman

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    Yea I know what you mean about AMSOIL...they are pushing it pretty hard...and getting it on the road for a top up on a trip would be tough.

    I was looking at Wal-Mart and they have Mobil 1 V Twin 20w 50..on the shelf..and that would do for the engine...but I wanted something for the Tranny and primary ( Gear lube tranny and 10w 40 for the prime...Synthetic ????? )
  9. sandmar

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    Waiting anxiously.........I am new here and very interested:D
  10. glider

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    Spectro platinum/redline shockproof heavy/Mobil 75/90 or 75/140 gear oil in the trans and HD Formula+ in the primary (no synthetics in the primary)

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