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Discussion in 'Patriot Guard Missions' started by lakeforktx, Aug 19, 2011.

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    Westboro Babtist Church .. Is nothing less than a " cult" ....They are hated by the people in their own home town. When I saw kids holding signs saying.. " Pray for more dead soldiers" .. That was all it took for me.. I couldn't join the Patriot Guard fast enough.. Proud Member of the East Texas Patriot Guard..
  2. R_W_B

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    Don't worry, there will be ample PGR riders at any threatened event like that. I haven't made all of my recent rides due to having some partime work come in and also been doing some work on my bike. But if word comes down the PGR email line that protesters are probable, PGR riders flock to those in numbers even higher than the normal respect missions. I've never seen a protester down where I live though. The PGR is mostly Vets that take the duty of looking after other Vets seriously.
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    Folks, don't underestimate the dislike the local people have for these fanatics. I'm sure the locals will turn out in droves also. I have seen it in Jackson, Ms. and on the Gulf Coast on a few occasion.