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    A couple of weeks back I rode home running on ( 1 ) cylinder.I removed the TFI out of the system and the trike has run fine every since.Yesterday I got the TFI back from Dobeck and it tested out fine.I tweeked the TFI a couple of times while I had it on the trike but I donot remember doing anything out of the ordinary to the settings on the TFI.Any clues what to look for now? Thanks for any info you have. BP
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    Have you tried it with the TFI back on?

    Maybe the connectors were not snapped together all the way, for the injectors?
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    banjo picker,

    Did you re-install the TFI on your trike and it did the exact same thing?? Please supply us with some feedback and we guarantee to get you a product to function to your expectations.
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    I sent it to you guys and you sent it back ( yesterday )to me and said it tested good.I have NOT re-installed it as of yet.To be honest I am reluctant as the the trike is running fine now.


    I reinstalled the TFI today.I put about 100 miles on it with no issues .I made sure everything snapped in place.So good. Thanks for the replys. BP
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