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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Redman, Jun 29, 2011.

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    Gents I have a question regarding the settings on my tfi. I have a screaming eagle heavy breather and am running a pair of Rush slip ons with 1.75 baffles stock headers and all else stock. I seem to have pretty lousy mileage and am wondering if someone might suggest what works best for them with similiar components. I am compelled to add that I find it hard to not twist the throttle a little more now that it runs like she should. Any help would be appreciated.:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    What IS the mileage per gal.? My 09 gets 40/42

    What were the suggested settings Dobecks gave you ? (all 4)

    Did you warm bike and tune pot one at a fast Idle(1800-2000 RPM?) turning pot one from (off) which is #1 position turning to the right slowly and feel the engine pick up and smoooooooth out??

    Then when too much fuel is Felt, Backed off to Smooooth again--------
    then back it Off just a little more..?? Just a little.(less)

    IF not done as above, that may be part of the GULPing.

    Yellow pot on mine is just under 2.

    suggested settings on the rest.

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    Although I have an EJK the function is very similar to your TFI. I have also modded my intake and exhaust to breathe better.

    You may have answered you own question when you say you have a little trouble staying off the throttle, I have the same problem.

    Over the past months I've recorded miles traveled since last fill up, miles remaining 'til empty, and gallons needed to fill up. I'll send that info to my e-mail address and let it collect for a few weeks.

    Last time I checked I ranged from 36 to 46 MPG. The lower MPG was to and from work, and a bit of romping on the throttle now and then. The higher MPG was from a nice, easy going ride on the highway. 65 to 75 MPH with little romping.

    My guess is that you could do the same, but, it's gonna be difficult!

  4. 98fat

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    Just back from 1200 mile trip on my 06 street glide with somewhat similar setup. I got 36-40 usually on the road. The advice above is spot on. The first pot will effect your mileage the most. I like to run mine a little rich and ride the tar out of it.
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    thanks to all for the help ...i will go after that first pot and work with that.