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    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    I have 2 questions about my Gen III TFI . First of all I absolutely love it . What is the average life of these units and second since it's piggy back as I'm riding and let's say it would stop working would the bike shut down or just keep running ?
  2. Breeze3at

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    I'm not sure about the Gen III, but on my older TFI, unhooking the negative wire takes the tfi out of the ecm system and the bike runs ok.
    Bubbie will wake up soon and let us know about the Gen III.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    Like my Brother Breeze said:bigsmiley12:

    To my knowledge they live a Long time.
    My TFI (off in a box now) is still up to Snuff. Used it on my 09 from almost out the show room floor on my 09 FLHR, doing it's duty for over 34,000 miles or More.(really liked it)
    Only reason to come off was to do the beta for the gen4's

    TFI,,,,Gen3,,, will only need the ground wire off to revert back to HD's settings...HD's settings are always there but over ridden OR added to, for that enrichment needed given by the Dobeck unit...

    That might mean a little Lean when un-hooked, depends on the modifications you have made to the bike to make it Breath better and Exhaust Betteror an added cam.

    BUT IT WILL TAKE YOU HOME just fine Lean but fine :10:

    I would rather have a Dobecks to go wrong on my bike than an TTS of PC3/5 unit. Thinking the others mentioned above : you are DONE.

    Now we'll wait for Dobecks answer Please. Seee what Chris has to add or subtract.

  4. tyre

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    I installed a switch in the negative wire hidden under left side panel. On long trips I have shut it off only gained 2_3 MPG. But then the pinging comes back. I switch it back on.
  5. DobeckTechSupport

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    Tyre...the switch on the negative wire is fine. You could also just lower the Green setting on long trips and the mileage should be close to the same with the controller off.

    Back to the other questions.
    Lifetime of the controller? We say the controller should last the life of the bike.
    Failure? If you believe the controller has failed and the bike does not run. The first step would be to remove the ground wire and this will revert the bike back to stock. If the bike still does not start then there is probably a harness issue (broken wire, disconnected plug, or a rub through).
    If you ever feel that controller is causing a problem with the motorcycle disconnect the ground wire and see how the bike runs. This will work Gen 3, TFI and DFO controllers.

    BOWHIKER Junior Member

    Thanks for the information . If that is the case the controller will probably out last me then . LOL