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Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by bradp, May 22, 2009.

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    Hi Guy's. Im just waiting for the rest of my parts to do the stage 1 upgrade. The dealer has warned me twice not to forget to get the dealer download. The info that came with the filter and pipes warns you to do the same. I realize from this forum that the download only takes the system back to factory lean. I am installing the TFI from Doebeck. My question is this. If you can cause serious damage to the engine without the dealer download what if the TFI goes bad and your no where near a dealer. You may have to run the bike for an extended period of time without download or your TFI. Would it not make sense to have both installed or is the TFI only suggestion, just for cost saving. I'd sure hate to hurt my baby.
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    No, I wouldn't. You would be wasting a couple of hundred bucks on the download. If your TFI goes out, you will know immediately based on the performance of the bike. If it really was bad, I am sure that Dobeck would bend over backwards to get you set. Would not be out more than a few days to get the new one sent to you.

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    Put the TFI on my '99 Ultra. I have V&H slip ons, Andrews 26N cams, Big Sucker ac, and no dealer download. Bike runs great. IMO the download is just lining his pockets....