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    I was quoted by HD in hometown to install the TFI about 1 Hour and then they will put it on a dyno to get the best possible tune. They quoted me at maximum of 2 1/2 hours labor. Would cost alot more if I install and then take to them for dyno.. They are wanting my business and bended over backwards on a couple of issues I had. Did not buy bike from them . But as I said bendeding over backwards to help. Does this sound like a good deal or not? I respect you guys opion in all I do and this site has been really helpful.
    Getting my Spectro trans oil today and will change tonight.
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    No need for a dyno with the TFI. Do it yourself (installation and tune). The recommended settings for your bike come with the unit and are a bit rich so let your wallet be your guide here.

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    I installed my TFI on my 2009 FLHR and called to verify that i had it in working order (2 minutes on phone with service @ Dobeck) set it accordingly to the reccomondations ON THE INSTRUCTIONS that came with it AND OVER THE PHONE ....... WENT OUT RIDING FOR 2.5 HRS AT NO CHARGE>>>>

    set @2.75...3.25....3.25....4.0....

    I"M VERY IMPRESSED thought I was in 4 gear and OPENED IT UP.... WOW!!!!!! then made ONE shift up and found 6th was the next gear.... 5th gear sure surprised me as I really thought it was 4th....

    I felt a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE in the run-ability of MY machine...

    NOW I"M USED TO POWER (100+ in my dyna) but never thought FLHR would COME-ON THAT STRONG.....


    I tried to put this in edit form on first post but was late,,, so here is an eddition:::::

    I also topped tank and went for a run up the mountain to greenwater here in washington start...24 up and 24 back to same station,,,, riding MORE NORMAL...well close to normal and re filled tank careful to stop at the same shut-off level i used the first time....

    48 miles took 1.14 gal of fuel....


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