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    I have a 2005 Road King Classic (I tow a trailer with it). Gas mileage was down to 25-30 mpg, so after much research I purchased the Terminal Velocity II for it. It increased my gas mileage to 34-36 mpg and all the inherent Harley "popping" stopped. I was impressed with this system but then on our way home from a trip to Arkanasa in August the bike died on the most horrendous stretch of road known to man (the Cross Bronx Expressway, between the GW bridge and the Throgs Neck Bridge). We idled home in a very heavy downpour, 60 miles out to Long Island. After only about 16,000 miles on the TVII the bike started to surge and was giving an error code, P0122 (throttle postion sensor), changed the sensor but still had the problem. Checked the TV II and the self diagnostic lights were all fine so I dismissed it. Just about to bring to harley ($100 per hour) when I thought, let me just bypass the TVII by unplugging it from the TPS, and right away the bike sounded better, took it out for a 100 mile cruise and no problems. I ripped the system out of the bike, since it was out of warranty of only 30 days ((EDIT) warranty, if they believed in their product they would give more than that)for the (EDIT) of it I took a screwdriver and to my surprise the cover popped off with no effort, it had no gasket, o-ring or any kind of sealant and was badly corroded.:( This was my problem. For $475 I would expect some kind of weather proofing (although I did have it well protected under the seat) Has anyone else had this problem? Did you go to a different type of Fuel Management System?

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    Even though it's out of warranty, they might do something if you sent those pictures to Terry Co. It may be one that slipped past QC, and they will stand behind the corrosion. Or not, but then you will know. It's worth a shot to recoup some of that $475 you laid out.