Tensioner Replacement

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    My 2003 Roadking had 45K on the odometer. I bought it new in Aug. of 2002. The Cam Chain Tensioners had never been changed or inspected until last week. My personal independent Mechanic did all the work which included... Replacing the tensioners, Lifter tappets, new (better) cam bearings. One Tensioner was worn, but had some life left in it...the other tensioner was pretty much on it's last leg. I elected to go back stock on the tensioners for the following reasons. 1. Cheaper 2. I own two other machines so the King is not the only cycle I ride, hence I figure it will be several years before I have to replace the tensioners again.

    It was my mechanics suggestion that we go ahead and replace the cam bearings and lifter tappets while doing the two tensioners.

    Cost: Labor $300.00 & Parts $389.74 or total $689.74 (original parts which were replaced in this post)

    My Roadking still spins my beanie as much as it did the day I drove it off the dealers parking lot. At 75K I will have the tensioners inspected for wear.

    As I have said before: Even a blind man knows a Harley - Davidson when it putts down the road.:s

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    Randal sounds like you have a first rate wrench working on your bike. The bearing and lifters added to the new tensioners should give you many carefree miles. My dealership recommended that the tensioners be inspected at 25,000mi intervals.