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    This may put me out of a job lol but just to let everyone know how the game works . I work for a company that works with nonprofit groups and alot of political groups as well and the do not call list does not apply to that kind of call , even tho people thinks it does , it dont .
    first i have to say people are mean on the phone , and i know they are sick of the calls but when all you do is cuss and hang up on this kind of call . all your doing is asking for another call 25 hours later , the only way to get it to stop is to just say take my name of your master list,and wait for it to be confirmed than say thank you.. its that easy but yet noone does it, they cuss and scream and hang up , and we hit the call back button .cuz they didnt request to be taken off the list. and yes i do hate my job for that reason .
    so would everyone out there tell everyone they know this lil bit of info on how to deal with the calls and maybe ill have to find a new job. send it out in mass emails to the world plzzzzzz
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    Next time you get the plea for some police fund or other charity, ask the caller how much of your donation goes to the cause,,,, 7% is typical. The caller Must provide that information if ASKED. Pick who you donate too sure, but get informed. Did you know the Girl Scouts donate millions to anti gun and hunting programs,,,,, ya eat that cookie.
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    The thing that gets me is the fact that local dept's frequently have their own fundraisers for charities etc. And if we want people to pay us, we simply find something to write them for, and pull them over.

    That was my attitude before I was LE and it still is. Don't give us any of your hard earned cash. We'll get it one way or another.

    As for the girlscouts... I never understood why they were called brownies, when you couldn't eat them...:shock

    telemarketers... I worked as a life insurance salesman/"consultant" for a time, and had to make like 200 calls a week.. call back or no call back (the people sent in "free literature request" brochures so no list applied then either). they were nasty. And honestly, I'm a bit curt to solicitors on MY phone as well. But y'know, if I ask you to take me off the list and you don't, all bets are off... Go ahead and push the call back button... you'll just get another earful.
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    I am sorry T.J.F. I did not mean to sound that bad on the phone...Justy kidding!
    I ask them for their home number and i will call you back when it is more convenient for me... that gets a chuckle out of them.:D
    Caller I.D. I love it. The phone could ring off the table and turn red with flames, i wont answer it. Any one that knows me calls on my cell...
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  4. i thought that was you lol, realy tho tell everyone you know lol i want out of the call center , the place i work for is the best out there and we are recorded on every call we make to be checked for quality , they are BIG on that , they want quality before money , its just im doing political calls now and OMG is this land rude on that mater. cant blame them tho, we are getting ready to take it any way they want to give it . and with no kiss , the groups we call for all get 87% or better of the donation. all conservitive , republican groups . id much reather be in the christian dept. there they calling you and they know what they want.
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    we have caller ID so if we Don't know you we don't answer,and if you know me you would call me on my cell.If I didn't need a fax I would get rid of the land line
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    Thats true! I am in a "dead zone" and have to stand on the deck, one foot on a chair, one on the railing lean over a little and oh there we go 2 bars!! (Thats with a beer in the hand too):hummer
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    That's a good one for sure!:D
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    My favorite from Tom Mabe is the one where the person calls trying to sell him a cemetery plot, so he immediately goes into this story about how he was just sitting there contemplating suicide and how this must be a sign.......the telemarketer is freaking out!lolrolling:mgun