Teddy Bear Run - Richmond VA

Discussion in 'Events' started by scts, Nov 6, 2009.

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    Time has once again flown by and we're on that holiday season... Almost forgot (again this year) about the Teddy Bear run here in Richmond, VA. Registration opens at 9:30 at Colonial HD ($10/person) and the "parade" leaves at 1 up to the Childerns Hospital to deliver the bears (they're asking everyone to register by noon to allow time to get rolling promptly at 1). Police escort will be shutting down the route (including part of I95) for the ride.

    I didn't get to attend last year, but heard they had around 1,200 bikes participate and raised something in the $25K range for the Childerns Hospital.

    My wife and I know several folks that work at the Childern's Hospital, and the kids get just as much a of kick out of the parade that's "just for them" as folks riding.

    Know it's a last minute post, but if you're around the area and can make it - I can promise it'll be an event you'll remember.