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    I have a techlusion unit and everytime i type in their name it comes up with Dobeck under the search engine. I have a 2003 electraglide classic that i have a k@n air filter on with a set of true duels and I just changed my slip ons to vance and hines monster rounds with the fiber off the baffles. I spent the last three hours on many boards trying to find the settings as i havent had it hooked up for a while and with the new pipes i feel i could benifit from it again. I went to the website but they only lits things for gen 2 on up but i had the settings that pertain to all harley davidsons under 2007. I also have a stage one download. I have more popping then i used to and I think the engine is over heating also as it starts pinging on hot days. I am ready to hook it up again but i realized that my settings on the unit are completely different.

    What i found was

    I am gonna give them a try tomorrow and see if they are better or worse and maybe if this thread is still open you can help me, if you are indeed techlushion. ty
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    One and the same. One of the Tech Guys will be along to recommend starting settings.