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    Does anyone know which tank emblems fit on a 09 RK police model? I bought some cool looking emblems off Ebay new with the tape with a slight flaw. They are the ones with the V and the wing. I have seen them on Heritage soft Tails before. They are awesome looking.These were a tad different as most I have seen are red inside while these were gold and would have matched my bike well. They are so close to fitting but a slight air space on either the ends or middle so I don't dare use them. I am going to sell them or try to contact the bidder/bidders who I bid against. I ended up paying $118.00 with shipping. Will any touring model emblems 07-12 fit or 09-12? Do I have to be more specific. I am assumig at this point I need to have some for at least a 6 gallon tank. I am having problems finding any especially in the 09-12 touring model range. Does anyone have any info that might help , maybe a source or even someone that wants to buy these other Heritage ones from me?:small3d002:
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    when i was thinking about putting some on my 98 i did a google search (images) that might give you a good idea
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    I love Google image search for ideas on dressing up the bike. Because of this, I have a wishlist a mile long.
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