Tall Boy seat not doing it!

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Stretch, Feb 17, 2009.

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    I have an 08 Ultra Classic and both the wife and I are uncomfortable after an hour of riding. I bought the "Tall Boy" seat because I am 6'6" and my knees still sit above the gas tank. I also purchased the ergo foot boards which move my feet forward a couple of inches. I am considering taking this seat to an upholsterer and having him put in more foam or memory foam or a gel pack or a combination of the above. I have thought about the Mustang or Corbin seats but I don't think I will be able to sit any higher with them. I look a little like a bear on a tricycle. I would love to sit up a couple of inches higher and be more comfortable. Anyone have any similar experiences or advice to offer?

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    How about trading the ultra in for the GUNBUS bike, LOL :rofl, just kiding , looking at the picture I can see your in in tough spot. other than lowering and moving the floor boards and foot controls to there max, I wonder if a machine shop can fabricate different extensions, but than the lowers are most likley in the way also. I am 5"11 and know if there was a way to move the lowers forward I would. So now I'm going to pull mine out of storage and see if that can be done, I'll let you know if I figure anything good out. Good luck on the seat part
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    I am 6'4" and use my pegs out on the crash bar extensively. Lets me move my legs around. Also don't use a back rest, I lean back on my wife. looks like you may want to consider moving your bars a bit also.
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    Check this site out, I think there are others out there also. You have to cut a bit into the lowers to make them fit. A riding buddy of mine that is about 6'4" just took his lowers off, not what I'd want to do but that's what he did. Never seen anyone make an Ultra look small.......you win! :s