Talk about lunatic ideas!

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    This was published in the last issue of MotorCycle News, a british weekly.

    We are all aware that there is a VERY small minority of idiotic riders giving the rest of us a bad name but there are limits.

    Have you heard of anything as, or more stupid than that, what next? Maybe swimming, mountain climbing, skying, or anything else considered dangerous could be banned.

    Consider banning motorcycles, police tell MPs

    By Steve Farrell
    Politics & the law
    05 November 2008 15:46
    The time has come to consider banning motorcycles from the roads, police chiefs have told MPs.
    They are ‘motorised toys’ which may not belong on public highways, the Association of Chief Police Officers told the Commons Transport Committee.
    The association based its call on the false claim that production motorcycles are ‘readily available’ with top speeds of over 200mph. In fact not a single production motorcycle has broken the 200mph barrier.
    The association said: ‘Production machines are readily available for use on our roads with top speeds in excess of 200mph. Motorcycles are seen in the UK to be, in the majority of instances, vehicles of choice rather than necessity and one might consider if our congested roads are any longer fit for purpose for these motorised toys.’
    The comments, which are policy recommendations, have been published in a report by the committee on road safety. They were made in response to the committee question: ‘What further policies, not already widely used, might be considered for adoption and what evidence is there for their success?’
    The ACPO memo calls for the creation of no-motorcycle zones and points to power caps. It states: ‘There is a need for radical thinking in respect of motorcycles, including consideration of engine capability and the creation of protection zones where all motorcycles other than those specifically permitted would be prohibited.’
    The association also calls for motorcycles to be fitted with chips to allow police to identify them from a distance, and tougher penalties for illegal number plates. It says: ‘The detection of motorcycling offences is problematic, encouraging non-compliance. This includes Vehicle Excise Duty evasion on a massive scale.
    'For this reason, stricter penalties should be introduced for non-compliant registration plates and further work should be done on the development of such products as number plates containing chips that will allow automated vehicle identification, even at high speeds.’
    In fact official Government research shows just 6.5% of motorcycles are untaxed.
    MCN asked ACPO to defend its claims. The association has yet to do so.
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    They'll never ban motorcycles from the road. As far as illegal number plates, why should a bike be any more penalized than a car doing the same thing. There's idiots at all levels of government.

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    Many of us riders in the States forget the AMA organization here works to protect motorcyclist rights. They were the ones to fight the rather brief moment of "Brain-fade" a certain young Senator Danforth wanting mandatory seat belts as standard equipment on all motorcycles in the early '80s ...until he was reminded by the AMA and professional motorcyclist racers running 145 MPH on controlled race tracks all over America, they do not use or want them...! :bigsmiley31:

    The most dangerous thing to motorcyclists are...the non-motorcyclist who think "-they know better..."! It is our responsibility to project a positive image of our sport or have it regulated out of existance. :57:
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    Despite the fact that Hobbit disproved this article, it's unfortunate that people actually have this kind of mentality. It boasts,"I'm too lazy to do my job or hire more help. Let's get a computer and micro-manage mankind" sometimes, people really ..:newsmile055: off!!!! You're getting me all worked up again...stop it!!:D
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    Us gun owners had pretty much the same BS spin used on us,and look what happened!The idiots in Britain think the answer to everything is to ban it.The government needs to focus on the young "drivers" with high powered cars and lead boots.They are by far the biggest menace,and killers on the roads today.