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    To everyone out there, please do not ignore signs of problems with your eyes. About 2 weeks ago, I suddenly noticed some unusually large floaters in one of my eyes, and some light flashes when looking certain directions. When it didn't clear up in a couple of days, I decided to get it checked out.

    My first scare was when the doctor I called for an appointment, whom I have never seen before, insisted I come in immediately so he could work me in. He didn't find anything definitive, but wanted me to see a specialist 3 days later. The specialist saw what might be evidence of a retina tear, but nothing definitive. When I went back 2 days later for a minor procedure to fix what we thought would be a simple tear repair, turned significantly more serious. It turned out my retina was splitting in half, and the damage had doubled in size. 3 hours later, I was in the OR having major eye surgery.

    Right now, I have to lay on my left side for 2 weeks while the repairs heal, and have lost some peripheral vision permanently. Hopefully I'll regain most of my eyesight in the injured eye.

    I'm lucky; I decided to check out the warning signs and significantly limited the damage that could have occurred. I'm hoping to be back up riding in about a month, and the surgeon feels there should be nothing to keep me from riding.

    Please, listen to the warning signs.

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    TXMikey, you are absolutely right on...if you experience sudden changes in your vision, large "floaters" or the real danger signals flashing sparks randomly occuring, see your eye doctor immediately, especially if you are in your 40's or older. Case in point, I noticed my night vision was getting poorer in the right eye...found out that I had some small peripheral capillaries that were leaking, the small circles I saw floating were blood cells, the excess blood swelled the tissue between the retina, where the light & color detection cells are, above the optic nerve defocusing the center. Imagine a well made sheet on your bed, ruffle it up and let it back down, it never returns to smooth even surface.

    Ended up having laser surgery OCT done, basically injected UV absorbing dye in my vein, then used infrared laser to selectively micro cauterize the leaking capillaries (they were not in the vision areas fortunately). The swelling went down and my focus and vision returned to about 90%, but it did change my eyeglass perscription. If the swelling was allowed to continue it could have permanently separated or make it easy to tear the retina away from the optic nerve...if I hit my head or was out and about doing some rough and tumble thing. Our eyes are one of our most important rider tools...take care of them.
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    wow glad ya caught it early .. Rest up and relax
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    TXMikey, I hope you get your vision back in your right eye. Most of mine is gone but I am still safely riding. Keep your spirits up and keep humor in your life. Fossil
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    You caught it in time, so I think you'll be fine. Heal well!!
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    Great to hear your on the road to recovery TXMikey. I had a pre cancerous growth off the surface of my eye 20 years ago. Like you, I went and had it seen to by a doctor, who then refered me to an eye specialist who removed it. I could have lost the eye within twelve months, if I hadn't had it seen to.
    Good to see you'll be out riding soon!! Here's to ya!!:cheers
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    Best of luck Mikey, hope you heal well.

    My father was in a car wreck when he was 17, lucky to be here today. When they found an extra shoe, they decided to look for a passenger. When they picked my dad up, they didn't know what to do with his eye, (hanging out of his head) so they stuck it in his shirt pocket. He was lucky to not need glasses until his 40's, but he did lose his teeth, so he insisted that we take care of our eyes & our teeth.

    I had a dog scratch my eye & had to wear a patch for about a week, man was that tough! I couldn't imagine losing my sight, thanks for the warning about early warning signs.

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    Sorry to hear about your eye, glad you caught it in the early stages, take care heal fast and get back to riding
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    I could not imagine losing your eye site. Losing an arm or leg, even your hearing, but to lose your site would be awful. Early detection is key to any illness. We guys (I'm included) don't go to the doctor's as much as we should. The older you get, the more you notice changes. If these changes don't feel right, go to the doctor. I'm 55, and believe me, my eye site seems to get worse year to year. I can see for miles, but to read a menu or see things up close, forget it. I have to wear glasses for reading. Also, you guys that keep putting off the reaming up the a$$. Please, you should go and have it done. I have had two friends that ignored warning signs and died of colon cancer. Early detection is the key. No eyes, No ride.
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    Glad to Hear that you caught it, That is not a way to find things out, I need to have My Eyes checked as it has been a while, I did have the Laser Surgery to Correct My Vision a Few Years back. Wish You Well in your recovery!