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  1. michael martin

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    I really like riding my Road King, but time in the saddle is short due to an ailment I have called coccydynia, more commonly known as "Tailbone pain". I injured my coccyx over a year ago riding a (EDIT) 50cc scooter around. Bouncing up and down on a hard seat with poor suspension did it. Now a days, after an hour or so on the RK, I'm ready to go back to the barn.
    Is there anyone else here with this problem? :(

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  2. Midnight Reign

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    could you have the seat modified and have some of the padding removed in the area causing you discomfort?
  3. EggertDeggert

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    I did a Google search on treatments for your condition. Vicodin! :D
  4. fin_676

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    I had a similar issue for a couple of years
    I thought about it for a while and looking back to when i did not have the pain i wore a kidney belt for lower back support
    I found my old kidney belt and now i am limited to the range of the tank for when i need to stop


    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    OFcorse Not me...

    IF I use very straight up (good posture) and don't slouch plus NOT using forward pegs, and I still use my stock 09 King seat, the problem stays away Longer..

    Early stops of OFF the bike usually give relief OR Help, before the pain come on.

    I have done over 600 mile day trips and find that a Little Much... IF I don't take enough rest OFF the bike on Longer, over night trips, I pay the price when I get back home and plain Don't want to ride for a day or Two.:(

    I also have an 06 sport R model. I rode it yesterday for about 90 miles and Believe me,,,,, I love the king,,,, NO,,,,,,,, That IS .......I LOVE the KING... :D

    I have tried semi side saddle and similar sitting positions but nothing helps like getting OFF the bike and Moving around OFTEN...

  6. michael martin

    michael martin New Member

    I appreciate the help. Especially the "donut" pad with cutout. That could be useful in the car.
  7. horizonchaser

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    I agree that getting off the bike frequently and simply moving around helps me a lot. Sometimes when we are on long rides and are heading home at the end of the day I'll stand up at the stop sign and arch my back backwards to stretch it out a bit. Just doing that helps.
    I have an Ultra Classic with the stock seat and although it appears comfortable, for me it isn't. I fidget a lot. I can't sit on the bike for more than 50 miles before I feel that I need to get off and move around.
    Good luck. Also, strongly consider the donut seat. Bicyclist use them. It helps keep the pressure off of a vein ( which I forget the name of) which, over the course of time can cause erectile dysfunction! Now that's some serious goings on!! :( But you get the idea. Pressure off of the afflicted area helps.
  8. tyre

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    I have the sun downer seat I peeled back the cover & trimmed the center area out dropped the sides a little .
    It took a few tries but much better now .
    When all done I put a layer of thin blending foam on top under cover .You know how & where it feels best for you .Good Luck..
  9. Thundermug

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    Adjust your handlebars forward about a quarter inch and ride. Then roll it forward again and ride some more. Do that as many times as necessary. When you find that sweet spot, you will know it.
  10. whitmw

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    It does get better with time, but I really dont think it completely goes away. I also find standing at every stop light helps a lot.