T-Bars/Speedo Clearance??? Will these fit?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by SilverBullet, Nov 6, 2008.

  1. SilverBullet

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    I'm looking to add some style to my handlebar area on my 04 1200 Classic. I was thinking these hadlebars:

    eBay Motors: Buffalo T bars 1 1/4" w/ 6" rise for HARLEY (item 190254859606 end time Nov-24-08 12:45:58 PST)

    But, I'd like to keep the stock speedo and idiot lights. So, I found this bracket:

    eBay Motors: Harley Speedometer Relocation Kit for Drag Bars & Riser (item 330284210312 end time Nov-12-08 19:00:21 PST)

    So, could I use that bracket, only flip it, where the speedo/lights are in behind the bars, like the factory mount on the 1200 Classic? But, I'm concerned there won't be enough clearance. I'm afraid the bottom of the speedo/lights will rub the top of the tank? What do you guys think? Will they rub?

    P.S.- I have plans for some arlen ness teardrop mirrors and chrome switch housings!
  2. theklanchXL1200N

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    I'm with Hobbit on this one. I am thinking it will rub, but if you mount it the way it is pictured you will have no problem.