Super Trapp's Mega Shot

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    Super Trapp's Mega Shot
    Has anyone use the Super Trapp Mega Shot dual system? I've been considering it as an upgrade. I've got a stock 2013 RGU, and hope to replace the factory exhaust this spring.
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    Here's some comments found at Baggers mag.
    Next, the stock pipes were swapped out for SuperTrapp’s MegaShot dual system, which is not only designed for bigger-inch engines (103 to 140ci) but features a gradual-stepped head pipe (1.875-inch to 2.125-inch to a 3-inch collector) configuration feeding 2.5-inch disc-tunable FatShot mufflers. Along with the adjustable audibility, the full MegaShot system offers more performance gains—especially with the bike’s already-installed Stage One download tuner.