sundowner seat?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by coco, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. coco

    coco Member

    Just wondering if the sundowner seat helps cut down vibration and is more comfortable on road trips atop a sporty? Considering the purchase...Thanks...
  2. ladyrider1977

    ladyrider1977 Member

    I just purchased one myself. It should be here by this upcoming Thursday. As soon as I get it and test it out I will let you know. Right now I have a Corbin gunfighter solo on my 2002 Sporty. Even though Corbin makes a great seat, this one is worn out. Time for a change. Plus, my kids like to ride with me, so the sundowner was the best option. :)
  3. Dr. Dolittle

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    Anything's better than the stock seat, especially for the passenger. I had a Mustang on my Sporty and currently have a Sundowner on my SG and I really liked/like them both.
  4. Nighthawk6234

    Nighthawk6234 New Member

    I had one on my '09 Nightster and rode it for 3 mos before winter snows shut me down. Great seat, no complaints and my wife says the pillion is "not bad" with a mid height sissybar. I am looking to sell mine, with quick release sissybar, 4bar luggange rack, passenger pegs and a windshield. I upgraded to a Street Bob but the Harley deal doesn't include options. I put my bike back to stock and will sell the items myself.
  5. Davidw2415

    Davidw2415 Senior Member

    I just put a Sundowner on My Fatboy 20 minutes ago. Hopefully in a few days it will be warm enough to try it out. As the Dr D. says anything has to be better than the stock seats.
  6. Big C

    Big C New Member

    My wife put a "sundowner" on her 883L. She loves it. Cuts out quite a bit of vibration. Looks good on the bike too.

    Sorr for the double post...I also have a "sundowner" on my Heritage. It's great.
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  7. Thumperdinck

    Thumperdinck New Member

    I am very happy with my Sundowner on my small Sporty XL. Canna really compare to the stock seat because I threw it off almost upon delivery. What makes HD bring that rubbish looking seat with no personality out as stock on the bikes beats me, prolly so that you and I can buy a Sundowner and sissy bar as soon as possible hey.
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  8. capnjapseye

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    Hi Nighthawk, I have an 09 Nightster here in the UK and I am thinking of a Sundowner seat. Would it be worth my while to buy it off you and ship it here to the UK? Any idea what the shipping would be? I am in Cornwall, UK. I had on 04 XL1200R before the Nightster and bought a Sundowner just before I swapped for the XL1200N, so, I have a Sundowner here, almost brand new (still have the box) which I will be selling sooner or later ( I put it on here a couple of months ago, but no interest. Just a thought, good luck, Cap'n
  9. Skratch

    Skratch Active Member

    I put a Sundowner on my 05 XL1200R.

    A MILLION times better than the stock concrete block. That being said, since I got my Heritage I am probably going to make my Sporty a solo bike. May be in the market for a good comfy solo seat.