Sumax Bag Liner(s) Install/Review

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Iceman24, May 30, 2011.

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    Bought some Sumax bag liners earlier this year & finally got around to installing. Wanted to spruce up the insides and thought these would do the trick. Now...I'm NOT an expert w/upolstery so getting these properly in-position & glued definitely wasn't my best work. Overall they are a good product, but (as w/all instructions) looked easier than instructions indicate(d). Here's my take:

    1. Are they a good product = yes
    2. Do they look good = yes
    3. Are they easy to install = no
    4. Would you recommend = maybe

    One of the problems are the rubber grommets (remove/replace). Instructions say to remove, position liner & replace grommet. Unless I'm missing something - this is "impossible" because just getting the grommet back into the little hole was a feat in iteslf. My wife made the mistake of checking on me after about ~20 minuted of "grommet wrestling" and she understood & backed away. Also, smoothing the liners in-place before glue cures...let's just say - leave it to the pro's.

    I plan to get extended bags someday so not worried about the results, but IMO - spend your $$$ on other upgrades. Enjoy!

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