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    I scewed up that first post. I wanted to say Steet Glide isn't to comfy and an ultra isn't much more $ for a lot of comfort. Could I strip down the Ultra to look Street glide when in the mood? Some of you knew what I was trying to say on that prior post. I am sorry for the goof I have been away from Harleys for 6 years and trying to get back up to speed on these models and what I'm going to buy. I want your advice and comments

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    You can take the "Lowers" off, Mount the Tourpac with a Quick dis-connect. You'll still have the chrome rails around the boxes, the front fender will have all the Ultra stuff on it, you'll have a light bar on the front, the rear won't have the fender faccad and LED light, you'll need to Lower the rear, get a different seat and finally change out the passenger floor boards for pegs.
    I say ya get an Ultra and do what you like to it Hap, You won't spend a ton of money makeing an Ultra into a half _____ed Street Glide but you would trying to turn a Street Glide into an Ultra. Just a thought.......
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    the SG is a "sportier" look, minimal look, and is one inch lower than all the other touring bikes, other than that there is no real difference other than cosmetic's, saddlebag guards, windshield height,seat, paint, etc. You can always strip down an ultra to look like a SG. or spend the bucks to dress up a SG. If you're going with an '10 I think the ultra has dual exhaust, whereas the SG has single. T
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    As usual, Biglew sums it up quite nicely. Either bike can be made to approximate the look/function of the other but you simply can't get all the way there. That's why HD makes the 2 models.

    IMO, the major decision factor is whether you like the looks of the chrome saddlebag wrap around guards, chrome fender bling, and front end light bar on the Ultra. These are the items that really stand out when you look at an Ultra and a Street Glide side by side.

    I liked the cleaner, lower look of the SG and added a detachable, color matched tour pac for longer trips and I couldn't be happier.
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    i say go with the ultra, but i might be biased
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    having owned a 07 streetglide and now a 08 ultra classic there is no comparison. the ultra rides much better leans much better also, because the glide is lowered. i suggest riding both than u tell me
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    Your going to spend money trying to strip one down and spend money trying to dress one up.Mty question is ,What is "comfy"? Is it the seat? the handlebar reach?The foot boards to far forward.All these things can be remedied.
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    I started with a 99 Road king classic, I got a good deal on it, I added an after market batwing fairing, lowered the licence plate, and just yesterday I put mag wheels on it, I took the original seat and trimmed down the passenger pad to look kind of slicked back, I have a comfort stitch seat for traveling, the stock seat (EDIT) for two up anyway, so now I have the look I want, it will never be a street glide, or an Ultra, but it is what I want.

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    Let's just put it this way, how many people do see that regret getting a Ultra? Like my sig says... sooner or later, you will own a Ultra. I went through it as well. Now I just relax, smile and look in the mirror. They are all good, but if you want comfort it is a EZ decision. Of course this is IMHO. :)
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    I love my Ultra.