Street glide vs. Road Glide

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by bignew, Jun 14, 2010.

  1. bignew

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    I am probably in the market for a new bike (depending on insurance company) and right now I thought I definitely wanted a Street Glide but I keep looking at Road Glides. My biggest apprehension right now about the Road Glide is Getting used to the fixed fairing. A friend of mine also pointed out that I might have some difficulties reaching radio on Road glide. The arguments that I have heard from some on Street Glides is that the fairing jars quite a bit. I have ridden a Road King with after market fairing with no issues. Pros and Cons for either bike would be appreciated.
  2. ultrat

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    a friend had a r/g he said could not see front tire but got use-to it. putting on lift he needed a spotter to get tire in chock..
  3. cromedome

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    The radio controls are on the hand controls, no need to reach forward, the fixed faring is no big deal. It does handle better at low speed, cause the forks are lighter. The dual head lights are great at night...but the Street Glide guys can point out the good points on their rides, go to a dealer and ride both, or better yet ent one of each for a day and take a good ride some where.
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    Love that rental idea. A dealer test drive or Demo Days is not an adequate trial before a purchase.
  5. HDDon

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    I've had my RG since 05 and have 60,000+ miles on it. I've ridden my buddies SG and it is a great bike. The RG fixed faring does take some getting used to but after a couple hours in the saddle it is no big deal. I did notice on the SG that there is more wind effect through the handlebars since that is where the faring is mounted. With the RG you don't feel any of the wind from big trucks and cars and as mentioned before the dual headlights really light it up. I am a bit prejudiced and think the RG is the best touring bike Harley makes.
  6. Fossil

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    I have owned two Tour Glides with the frame mount fairing. When ever I hear about the down side of not being able to see your front tire I always repley, "You actually ride watching your front tire? You can't see the front tires on your car and have no problem." The RG will get you more wind protection, better gas mileage and more stable handling. Still it is your money so buy what you want. You can't lose on either model.
  7. Jim B.

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    I agree except it doesn't take hours to get used to the fixed fairing. Just takes a few minutes.
  8. Jim B.

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    Those double headlights are very nice at night. And, during the day, it is fun to watch Harley riders fumble to wave once they realize that they are passing a Road Glide and not a Goldwing.
  9. ugocon

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    My personal opinion is about style.

    I think a SG is slimmer, lower, more aggressive, suitable for "solo" seat, lonely rider, out of the gang.

    The RG instead is a touring with a different front, massive, and a somehow out of fashion (those two parallel beams are not "timeless", much more 60's/70's :s)

    It's clear I personally find the Street Glide far more elegant and personal :p

    I say again: my personal opinion.

    Hope it helps

  10. Grillfish

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    Rental idea is the best way to go. I went from a Sporty to the RG and it took only 15 minutes to get use to the fairing (and that was on the way home after buying it). Took me a little longer to get use to the longer wheelbase in very slow sharp turns, but only a day or two.

    The RG switched from 2009 to 2010, where the 10 RG got most of the SG items (lower shocks, no cruise, etc..). The fairing is 1" higher on a 2010 RG so you can add the Ultra style lowers. So if you are interested in an 2010 RG, rent that yr not a 2009. 2009 will give you a plusher ride, but seat is also higher. Also, remember the OEM windshield is terrible on the RG.

    Ride safe and have fun!