Street Glide or Ultra

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by sllover4653, Oct 27, 2008.

  1. sllover4653

    sllover4653 New Member

    Wife and I plan to make the purchase this weekend but...
    Always liked the street glide... but to add a few things we'd like we run right up to the cost of an Ultra... which we like too.
    If we go with the Ultra we get the extras we want plus a whole lot more. Many of which we like though not necessarily looking for.

    Wife just got her a Sportster 2 weeks ago... so we'll usually be on our own bikes but all the storage will be on mi bike so a tour pack is desired $$$$$$$

    Would appreciate any opinions

  2. Subby

    Subby Active Member

    Both are great bikes. But, if you plan on touring, you'll want the extras of the Ultra anyway. It sounds like when you're travelling, you'll be the pack horse, so you may as well get the Ultra then you'll lots of storage as well as a CD player, cruise control etc. May as well have all the comforts! And you're right, by the time you add some of the extras you'll want on the SG, you'll be close to the price of an Ultra. Go for it and enjoy.
  3. 09ultra

    09ultra Banned

    In my humble opinion, get the Ultra. The street Glide is likely the most popular bike.... but for the money, you can convert the Ultra to the SG if you would ever desire, where you can't do the reverse. Only thing is, if you are less than 5'9" which is what I am, the ultra is further off the ground. I love my Ultra and would never trade it for anything. Go for the gusto. Why do you think they call it the "ULTRA"? It is the ultimate. :s
  4. Mickster

    Mickster Active Member

    The choice to put all the 'creature features', appearance, this'n that, is like resolving a Rubic's Cube in 20 seconds! For me, impossible. I wanted a new SG but wanted exactly what a EGC had, for the same $$$. Duh!! So i bought the 09 EGC and 'cause I wanted originally the SG look, i added the detachable 'tour-pack' kit to the EG and so like now, the "station-wagon" appearance 'tour-pack' is off, and I'm happy ... as it looks like a SG!! Will you be taking passengers? If you don't think the front radio speakers will be good enough, then the UG will work best. Them, and the lights on the 'tour-pack' are about all that's different from the EG.

    Best wishes ... just get it and RIDE!! :) Mine, "converted" is seen below.
  5. krikket

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    I've been tossing the same idea and here's the conclusion I came to. It's only a $2000 difference between the 2 bikes. You'll probably spend waaaaaaayyy more in upgrades on the Street Glide than you would in removing options from the Ultra....if you do. The Ultra is worth it.
  6. sllover4653

    sllover4653 New Member

    Thanx for all the input... it's been helpful and appreciated.

    It's supposed to rain this weekend here in Sacramento so I may get another week think about it!

    .... or procrastinate about it!! :dknow

    thanx again.

    CSMHOG Member

    Trust me. You will be the pack horse ... get the Ultra. I did and love it.
  8. Dr. Dolittle

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    I love my SG but your situation is a no-brainer. Get the Ultra with a removeable tour pak so you can take it off for local rides. Are you gonna take both bikes on extended trips with you hauling the goodies? Might want to let your wife take a couple 2 or 3 hour rides on the Sporty and see how she feels about that option. Sportsters are great bikes when ridden as intended but they just weren't designed for the long haul.
  9. Jaques

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    I was in the same situation a couple months ago. Like the look of the SG but wanted the convenience of the UG. After factoring in the price difference I went with the Ultra. I can have my tourpak and lowers off pretty quick if I want a more sporty look. The luxury of having all that space comes in really handy when the wife makes me stop for an impromptu shopping or garage sale. go with the Ultra... I think you will be much happier in the long run.

    P.S. Congrats on the new ride Hobbit.
  10. zyepod

    zyepod Active Member

    Get the Ultra then get the quick release mounting system for the luggage buy yourself a sissy bar and change out as required. My wires stay rolled up under my seat but I have a Classic not an Ultra...